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Playing mind games

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I've never talked much trash in the press in the leadup to matches, it's just not my personality. I tend to choose the milktoast answer, really only paying attention to avoiding complacency against weak teams and praising my own players. I thought the mean-spirited answers were there just for kicks. But recently I decided to channel my a-hole alter ego, and try to play some mind games in the leadup to the match. Is it working? I don't know, but it's definitely not not working. I thought it might backfire, giving my opponent some bulletin board material, but that has not been the case.

For instance, here's what happened last game. It is round 15 of the ligue 1 season. We are in second place, trailing Lyon by a measly two points. Lyon has been on a serious roll, maintaining a perfect record so far -- 14 games, 14 wins. Here's how the pre-game press conference goes:




These were the two answer options that were the most dismissive, belittling, a-hole ones available. Afterwards, the Lyon coach promises to "make him eat his words." We proceed to go out and win 5-0, without allowing a SOG. For context, they had the best defense in the league up until then.

Then in the post-game press conference, more trash talk:


All this had an interesting effect on Lyon's coach Inzhagi, as I get the following in my inbox right after the presser:


I will be curious to see if OL is able to pick themselves up.

Anyway, long story short, I was wondering if anyone else has tried the mind games with the opposition. Have you had any similar success? Or is this just a placebo effect?

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