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Trying to load game from an external hard drive.

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I’d really appreciate some help with this one! - basically, I brought FM2020 through steam and was playing it on a laptop. - my laptop ran out of space, so I brought an external hard drive and saved the game to that and it wasn’t a problem. - Then the laptop broke. I now have a new laptop, I have re-installed steam, downloaded FM202 and plugged the external hard drive in, but I can’t seem to find my old game save when I try to “load game” - does anyone have the answers for me? thanks in advance! 

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You'd need to manually find the save game file wherever you saved it on the external hard drive. The game won't automatically locate any saves, it'll only ever point at the default location (which is C:\Users\YOUR WINDOWS USERNAME\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2020\games)

If you click 'Load Game' like if you were searching File Explorer within Windows you'll be able to look through the hard drive locations to find and load it. 

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Ok thanks! I believe I’ve found it on the external hard drive, but when I try to open it it says “the file or directory is corrupted and unreadable”. I also can’t find it from the FM load game section. - Any advice on this? 

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