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2-3-5 Shape In Attack; Does This Tactic Only Work Because Its With A Good Team?

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Hi Everyone

Just decided to do a short term save with an idea of attacking with a 2-3-5 shape. I know its the shape Guardiola and Klopp try and achieve, but in two different ways. Guardiola uses the "free eights" pushing forward as the wingbacks come and sit in midfield to form a 3. Klopp pushes the wingbacks high whilst the wide players slightly come inside.

I had a different idea in my head and wanted to implement it. I noticed Olympiakos struggle quite a lot on the game, so i went with them.

The idea I had was to use one of the centrebacks to step into midfield whilst the two central midfielders sat wider, and to push on the wing backs to cut the ball back for two wider forwards to shoot from the edge of the box.

So the tactic looked like this:


Its done really well domestically, but in Europe the results were surprisingly good, given every opponent we played was from a European League ranked higher than ours:


League table looked like this at end of season:


Just wondered what you thought about this tactical set up, in terms of whether its logical, and whether this set up is only any good because im a decent team in my league or whether you think a set up like this could work at a bigger club?


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