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Board Confidence Low - Rearranged games

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This has happened over many many years of FM and now FMM.

In Wales, if a club gets into Europe, then a fixture backlog occurs and other teams play more league games before I can catch up. So every year the board confidence sinks because they apparently think I'm doing terribly in the league.

Any way they can consider that I am in fact in europe and have 3 games in hand. Win percentage maybe?

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On 21/08/2020 at 11:54, James Akintayo said:

I'm not seeing it on my end, can you try uploading the save again using this link.

OK, done. Just let me know if you still can't see it.

Just as a follow-up to this problem - The board also seems to be upset at my recent run of results despite the fact I am a lowly Welsh club playing Man United etc. in the Europa League. Shouldn't they be pleased that they are at least competing in the competition?

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