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Welsh League - attendances

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I'm playing as Gresford in the Welsh leagues and have managed to get them in 2028 where they win the league with ease, qualify for Europe and mostly get to the group stages of one competition or another. 

Attendances are a struggle though and we survive on money received from Euro wins/qualification which is easily enough

We only have 29 season ticket holders and this has barely increased since we were in the second tier. It might have been 15 initially. Average attendance for league games is around 190 over the season and whilst it has grown overall the three home group stage games where we might get 10500 at Wrexhams Racecourse Ground heavily influences the average. In these games there are sometimes 7500 away fans as part of the crowd.

I understand all the game make up in terms of a Welsh team not having high attendances, but we have the lowest average league attendance in the Welsh top division each season when you look at league games


Could someone be so kind to look at the min/max numbers for me on the editor as I don't have it. Also some understanding as to whether I might eventually get to a stage where I might meet my capacity when playing at my regular home stadium in nearby Broughton (1600)

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