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  1. Is this set in stone or does it grow as your club grows?
  2. I’ve loved this file. Only thing and it’s prob nothing. I found it fairly easy to get from level 7 to 3 as many of the other teams hardly signed players. Then when I got to level 3 the board expected the title first season. I was 6th at Xmas and got sacked! Surely irl the job I’d done in the past would at least give me another season.
  3. I guess irl there won’t be much transfer activity. I’m in 4th season with bonymean from Swansea division 3 now in welsh national league 2. I have tiny stadium tho so think that may hold me back from now on.
  4. I selected fill all teams. I started in Swansea division 3. Won back to back promotions fairly easily as I seem to be only team signing players.
  5. England VN/S scotland L2 wales level 2 N Ireland level 3 Spain, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Holland and Belgium top level only is my normal set up
  6. Is it a case of just logging off steam on old then back on new. Then download? What happens to saved games?
  7. I’ve been offered this lap top at a very good price. I play FM with Which ever league I’m starting in down to lowest level then top leagues of Spain, Italy and Germany. I very rarely use 3D match. Would this run FM at a ok to good level?
  8. Are there any good Somalia league set ups? With prize money and tv money?
  9. Any interest in jackner? How much money did you make from continental tournament? Any sign of you going semi pro?
  10. Sorry if this has been mentioned and I messed it. Will winning the CFU Club Championship qualify you for CONCACAF champions league?
  11. I’ve thought about doing this with Cayman Islands club. Are all them tournaments on the game in order to get in Champions league or have you downloaded data?
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