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  1. I noticed last night that the Welsh 2nd tier is now playable. Any other leagues new to 20?
  2. Cheers. Yes I arranged some friendlies and all players are still match fit.
  3. Is it right they have a break? Just played a league game end of November. My next game isn’t till end of February!! Should I play friendlies or just leave them to rest.
  4. What age did you start as? What do you do when get to 80/90 years old? Or does the game just carry on and you don’t retire
  5. Stupid question alert, how do you do instant result? epic read btw! Will be following till Z
  6. So I’ve added English level 7. Currently 3/4 through season and notice my bank balance has been going up all season. So looked into income and I’ve received £68k in “Grants” surely that ain’t right???
  7. You’ll need Italy loaded up and add all players from nation. May even need large database as the club side who play in Italy are now in Serie D which isn’t a playable league
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