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Tactics with Booey - How You Can Succeed

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I enjoyed this, partly because some of the concepts you are trying to use are similar to mine. I'm still on FM17 but managing United and have a similar-ish setup: fast attacking football with a medium-block so as to create space to attack on the transition.

I am currently going for:


RB: CWB (s)

CBs: BPD (d) - I have two excellent passers and find that they can sometimes launch a counter with their more direct passing

LB: FB (a)

RCM: DLP (s)

LCM: CM (d)

AMR: W (s)

AMC: AM (s) - roam, move into channels

AML: IF (a) - sit narrow, roam

CF: P (a)

I use OIs to create the split block. And play 'Control' and 'Structured'. No Team Instructions except for 'prevent opposition short GKs'.

It's been deadly so far, with a good spread of goals throughout the team. The left side is quite exposed but that's a risk I'm prepared to take.

I am thinking of moving to a more fluid shape. This will slightly lower the mentality of my wingers and increase the mentality of the fullbacks, which should reduce the gap between them. Then I can move them both to WB (s) and have them providing width in the attacking phase - at the moment they tend to stay a bit deeper and then make later runs into the final third - this is probably down to the team shape and their individual mentalities.

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