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Concerned Winning Tactic Will No Longer Be Effective After Losing The Spine Of My Team/Building Around New Signings (Galatasaray)

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Hello Everyone

My query is during pre season of season 2. Im currently playing as Galatasaray and had a hugely successful first season in which I dominated all domestic trophies winning them all comfortably, and started on the long term goal of raising the profile of the Turkish Super League in the European Rankings, which we have already done climbing one place to 9th.

The tactic had consistently worked for me, having given me the best defence in the league conceding 19 in 34 matches and the 2nd best attack, only Fenerbahce were better by 1 goal.

The problem was I had three absolutely crucial players all of which were on loan, and subsequently they have returned to their clubs and given that the club has absolutely no money, options to replace them have been very limited.

So, i have been using this tactic, but bear in mind LAST season when everything was brilliant i had:

Mario Lemina playing as the Mezzala

Jean Seri playing as the Segundo Volante

Florin Andone playing as the Pressing Forward


Ive tried my best to get good quality replacements in, and have three loanees in Ante Palaversa, Harry Wilson, and Fiete Arp.

The basis of the tactic was to create lots of positional rotation, but mostly based on creating a right sided overload to release the pressing forward and inside forward on the left to get goals for me. Feghouli and Belhanda have PI's to "take more risks".

I also chose the roles for a few reasons.

Firstly, i come up against sides who like to defend deep, so having the runs from deep of the wing backs and midfielders really aided my creativity.

Secondly, i found that we were a good counter attacking threat from lost possession in our half and from clearances from free kicks and corners.

Lastly i found that by using the segundo volante role, and telling Feghouli to hold position on the right side, it gave a lot of room to Belhanda to operate in the number 10 role and create lots of chances. I was very happy with this.

It led to us being very creative. We scored a variety of different goals, some from the edge of the box, others from through balls, some from long passing moves, with Andone, Feghouli, Onyekuru who played as an IF/A and Seri all scoring 15 goals or more in the season, sharing the goals around was excellent.



However, im now concerned with the spine of the team gone, that my side is really going to struggle.


The question id like to ask really is three fold


1) How suitable is this tactic for long term success?

2) What are your thoughts on these replacements in the three key positions i highlighted earlier?

3) Would any preferred moves be preferable to teach my players who are coming into these roles?




Im currently teaching Palaversa a player preferred move of ATTEMPTS ONE TWOS



Harry Wilson gives me more creativity, passing ability, vision, and shooting ability with both finishing and long shots. However Mario Lemina was a better tackler for our high press game.

Im currently teaching Harry Wilson a preferred move of GET INTO OPPOSITION AREA



Currently im not teaching Arp anything


Would be interested in your opinions.


Thanks Everyone!

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