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[FM20] Celtic - Return of the Lisbon Lions


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The challenge I will be is quite well-known and unoriginal, but nonetheless, I have always wanted to achieve it on Football Manager. On FIFA, it took me about 8 years with an OP youth recruitment and training regiment. In FM, I anticipate it will take a bit longer.

The Lisbon Lions were the 1967 Celtic side that won the European Cup against Internazionale in, you guessed it, Lisbon. The remarkable thing about this side was that every member of the side was born within 30 miles of Glasgow. It was the most comprehensive homegrown side in football's history. And thus my challenge is to recreate their glory, taking Celtic to a Champions League triumph with a team comprised of players born within 30 miles of the club.


- only players born within 30 miles of Glasgow can be signed
- the same rule applies for youth candidates
- if a reasonable offer comes in for a player that doesn't meet these qualifications, it must be accepted


- the original Lions were famed for their attacking play, so playing attacking free-flowing football is advised
- always prioritise European football over domestic football

I've had a couple of cracks at this, so let's hope I can finish it off this FM. Hope you guys enjoy.

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