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Help With Competition Logos

Tikka Mezzala

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I'm having some problems installing logos for competitions I've made. 

For some reason the smaller sized pictures are showing up as the normal sized ones. Even though I have created different folders for the 200x200 and 20x20 images. The thing is, one of the leagues works just fine. The New Balance Logo appears as it should. I followed the exact same steps with the other leagues and the result was different. I can't figure out why. Below are examples of what I mean:


7535680970316E2436813012CADFDB637ABCD004 (1366×768)

You can see the New Balance Logo next to North Atlantic Superleague in the top left. That's perfect. 


6B17A43FFFF7B44E9A012398CAE43C36815367E7 (1366×768)

Followed exact same steps for the Santander league and this happened. 



48273C99ACA2A6A721A6721D6E48A5A59441E152 (1366×768)

You can see the New Balance league is working correctly. But the other logos are clearly too big for the drop down menu. 



I created all the logos with the correct matching ID's. I then put them into normal size folder and small size folder. 200x200 = normal. 20x20 = small.

This method worked fine for the New Balance logo. But the rest have not scaled down for some reason. 


Anyone have any suggestions?

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