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[Suggestion] A Few Football Manager Features


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FM Match Engine:

I don't have any Match Engine additions here but I am sure more creative people will. However, I must stress that before the addition of features,  always prioritise the match engine into making it the best Match Engine it could be. The Match Engine is the most important aspect of the game as it's the only part pf the game that is non-negotiable. I believe the community is aware of the severe Match Engine issues in FM20. For me, FM20 is the best FM game in the series excluding the Match Engine. I've stopped playing it due to those severe Match Engine issues affecting my enjoyment of the game and gone back to FM17 whilst patiently waiting for a ME update for FM20.


FM Features:

  • Just me being picky but would prefer the excellent Development Centre was renamed  "*Insert Club Name* Academy". This would link with the Club Vision goal of having the best academy in the world. The Academy is only for U18 players and is overall headed by an Academy Manager but still have an U18 Manager. Under 23 players shouldn't be part of the academy section but have their own section. It would also be nice to rename an academy such as Barcelona's La Masia via either Pre/In-Game FM Editors. Being able to compare Academies would be in my opinion a nice addition.
  • Bring back previous history in the schedule between two AI teams. It adds a touch of realism in being able to see results between two teams who aren't managed by you.
  • Interim Manager / Head Coach role - We should be able to apply for interim roles in the game which depending on job performance lead to the job being permanent.
  • Some teams have a Head Coach (Arsenal, Man City). This should be reflected in the game. A Head Coach role should have limited influence compared to a Manager, transfers, finance, scouting etc but also progression to a manager role due to job performance which could be negotiated in a contract renewal with the board.
  • Assistant Manager / Head Coach - Have more than 1 like at Arsenal and Man City.


Respectfully, these are just my ideas and opinions.

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