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Manager decisions


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Currently, there are a few Manger decsions that annoy me when they get stopped:

1 - Player x is Injured during a match - What annoys me here, I can see this and make the call\subs. But no, I can't - I MUST wait for the game, and then make them... I'm making the same sub again, because the game over-rides me:

Suggestion - When we make a sub and score a goal, we are asked for confirmation of subs - Can we have this for Injured players?

2 - Booked players. I'll see this again, and make the call to tell a player to ease off. I'll pause it if it's a bigger game. But, if I score, suddenly the game pauses to say are you sure? Again, sorry I've made a decision quicker than the game has - YES. If a player is yellow carded, I want the instruction to be passed on.

Suggestion - When we tell the player to ease off, it's irregardless. Apply it. If people complain that they still have players sent off, and it turns out they left "get stuck in" on, then we know what the answer is there

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