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Struggle to play attacking football

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I really struggle to create chances and play an organised attacking football, especially against low side teams.

I would like to play in way where there are a lot of passes and chances in the box.

These are the tactics that i use



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First off, try to be less one-dimensional with roles and duties (here I am particularly referring to the flanks).

Then try to use fewer instructions in general. Start with just a couple that basically define your preferred style of play. You can then easily add (or remove) some if and when needed.

Don't be so aggressive when it comes to defensive (out-of-possession) instructions. 

Bear in mind that the mentality automatically affects all other instructions. 

I'll now give you an example of how a well-balanced attack-minded 4123 tactic can be set up, just to help you get some ideas (food for thought):


IFsu                                         IFat

DLPsu       MEZsu


FBat        CDde     BPDde     IWBsu


Positive mentality

- shorter passing, play out of defence, work ball into box, be more expressive

- counter, counter-press

- higher DL, higher LOE, offside trap and default team pressing (but the split press/block instead)

Pretty simple, isn't it?

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