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(suggestion) instant Season (1 year) Feature

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This is for people that don't have the luxury of time to see their youth players grow up, transform and retire before each football manager game comes out :(

I hate only completing a few seasons before a new FM game comes out :(

This is for people that work 9 to 5 but want to see their youth players grow up. 

We need a feature where we can instantly simulate a season

  • Not Holidaying. This is not the same as a holiday, your manager will still be active but controlled by A.I.
  • Simulate a season The user can simulate a season (1 year) without clicking anything or processing a full match the computer will just process a season or match by itself.
  • Controlled by A.I. Your manager will be controlled by an A.I. using your instructions
  • Season Simulation instructions. Use Match Plans, Use Squad Plans (squad Rotation plans) to instruct your A.I how to manage your team and tactics
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