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FM on subscription


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After playing FM many years online with my brother, I think it's time for a new approach. I want to start playing FM and that the player database is being constantly updated. So if there's a new talent it appears in the game. Or when a player isn't that wonderkid, it will be downgraded. So, you have to scout in real life, for long term success and not only search on internet who are this year's wonderkids...

Therefore a subscription based FM is needed.

Also, my brother is already the server and I'm the client. So, he always has an advantage because he is searching for players before we play together. So. A real served game on a sigames server, where everybody can login whenever he wants, will be great. It will also give the option to play the game for a couple of minutes every day. You hit continue and log off. Maybe the other players do the same...

Think about it.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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