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Has anybody managed to get a 'Very Fluid' team shape working?

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I am playing with Arsenal using a 4-1-2-3 DM wide formation. The shape is described as 'Flexible'--I have one attacking full back, one attacking inside forward, and one of each duty in midfield. There have been mixed results; I won the league in the second season, but the third season was an utter disaster and I finished sixth. Every now and then, I try to force the shape to be 'Very Fluid' by using support duties everywhere. I have never managed to get it working.


I like the idea of a very fluid team, but I have not been able to pull it off in this version of the game. i think with so many supporting duties there is a total lack of penetrating runs from deep.


Has anybody managed to get a 'very fluid' shape working consistently in FM19?



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