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Alternative Competition Set-up messes with Prize money


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I've made an altern. set-up for my competition:

4 groups of 6 teams

- team 1 to 3 will play for champions playoff

- team 4 to 6 will play for relegation playoff


The second phase is a competition with points achieved in group stage will be taken with in Playoff league (aswell as for relegation)

The problem is:


I dont know how to add prize money to all positions in PLAYOFF stages.


there are a total of 24 clubs. I want to gift prize money concerning those positions so: 1: 10mil.  2: 8mil etcetc.

The problem is that the prize money gets divided for positions in the GROUP stage which has only 6 teams per group. So even the teams that play for relegation in playoff stage get way too much cash. And there is no prize money set for the relegation and champions playoff.

So all money gets devided for achieving position in the first stage of the competition and i have no clue how to set prize money for the PLAYOFF stages!!!! Please help me :(

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