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Hi everyone,

November is the month for Prostate Cancer Awareness – it’s a killer, and 1 in every 8 men will get it. I’m trying to raise awareness, particularly as men seem to find it hard to go to the Doctor’s when they’re not feeling well. Cancer awareness costs money, therefore Prostate Cancer UK need donations.

In my effort to raise money for Prostate Cancer UK I will be hosting a live 24hr gaming stream on www.twitch.tv/pitchfever on 7th December starting at 7pm.

If you’re a fan of Football Manager the game, you can join the online tournaments for only a ‘suggested’ £3 with FM Touch 2019 – this is all donated to PROSTATE CANCER UK. If you cannot donate don’t worry, free entry is available.

You can still donate even if gaming isn’t your thing with a minimum donation of only £2. DONATION PAGE

Thank you for your support – Dave Knight (aka JP Chenet) / William Donnelly (Djwillster / Tactical Obsession)



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