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Hi. I am a old user.

I'm going to talk about your preferred moves breakthrough in the 1:1 situation with the previous goalkeeper.

I did a simple test. Real madrid vs Levante.

I experimented with extreme tactics.   5-4-0-1 vs 0-2-5-3

This is not a matter of frequency. This striker in Madrid has this preferred moves.

1. Likes to Round Keeper

2. Likes To Try To Beat Offside Trap



I want you to watch this game well...

I think it's not a matter of reality, it's a matter of ME. There is no attempt at all.

Do you think this is not a problem at all? Why on erath are you not trying at all?

The problem is not that we tried and failed, but that we don't try at all.

I think this problem is serious.

I really don't know the effect of this preferred moves. I sincerely hope that you can correct this preferred moves. Please...

I really want to see this scene. Please correct it.






pkm 16:20, 21:00, 33:45, 40:05, 41:35, 55:30, 77:20, 90:40

레반테 vs 레알 마드리드 ME test.pkm

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