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FM19 Challenges

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Starting to think about FM19 now. For various reasons I've never really got into FM18 and indeed when I have played lately I have been playing 17 mainly, so hoping to get into the new game a bit more.

I'm considering going back to my "every couple of years" save, doing a long term Arsenal save with a focus on developing long-serving players, especially youth products - so I'd be focussed on the 1000+ appearance challenge and the various goalscoring ones too along with the youth tracking elements. But I'm not sure: I want a game that is going to make best use of the new features of FM19. I realise these aren't all out yet but I think actually from what I've seen my normal Arsenal save might be one that lends itself to the new training system, perhaps, with a real focus on player development. 

Any thoughts?

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