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AC Milan tips


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Trust your youth - don't sell unless ridiculous offers. You have one of the top keepers of the future, a quality defense and a great midfielder in Locatelli. 

Buy other young Italians to make your team the one to beat in the future - look at the "Young Italians" thread.

Don't expect to win the league first season or compete with Juve financially - Milan, like Inter, are a team on the turn with bags of potential and a few players with outstanding current ability.

Try to find a tactic which utilizes  Bacca, as it is unlikely you'll be able to buy a better replacement first season.

Good luck, if you post in the Career Updates thread I'll certainly be following

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I'm a Milan fan but I didn't play with Milan just yet, altho i can offer some tips for you.

Never, ever sell the young core - Gigio, Romagnoli, Suso, Locatelli is real deal, while other like Niang and Calabria offer some depth. Altho i found in most of my saves that Milan sold Niang so often, seems just can't develop his potential, try to sell him if there's 20m++ euro offer for him. 

For the goalkeeping department I think it already sort out for at least 15 years with Gigio there, but if you want challenge him you can buy Rajkovic/Sportiello/Gollini. 

For defensive, you could use Paletta for 1-2 years and try to search for his replacement, I like Gustavo Gomez but he isn't the best, try to buy Musacchio for first team and buy some of the young talents, like Jedvaj/Caldara/Sarr/Upemacano. The fullback is pretty solid, De Sciglio is good, Abate can offer another 2-3 years, Antonelli and Vangioni solid backup, and Calabria can develop nicely, altho some addition wouldn't hurt, but I don't think its a must in the first season. 

The midfield is decent, Locatelli is pure talent in the game, Kucka offer some physical aspect to the game, and that is that. Pasalic, Mati, Montolivo, Bertolacci, Poli, Sosa isn't good enough altho you can use them in the first season. Jack Bonaventura is key player, a very versatile and technical player, try to get the best out of him. Suso another great talent, while you can try to sell Honda to generate money. Buy some explosive winger to add more depth in attack, just like what Milan do in real life with Deulofeu. 

The striker is solid, Bacca is great player, and Lapadula is solid backup, while Adriano is a waste and try to get rid of him. Cutrone also a good talent and could help with some cup games. 

Basically, there's many deadwood in the squad and you probably can't get rid all of them, so be smart, you could use them in the first season and they're not really a 'deadwood', try to transfer list Poli, Honda, and Adriano, they don't offer anything better than others. Mati, Montolivo, Bertolacci, Zapata, Ely, Sosa are another deadwoods and should be replace in the second season. Try to sign many youngster, especially Italian, as it is really exciting to build ItalMilan. Caldara, Belotti, Bernardeschi, Verratti, Jorginho are quality Italian in the game and you should try to sign them. 

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Thanks guys, I'm gonna take these on board. So far I've decided to sell Abate as he's getting on with age now and wanted to get him off the wages and I've also sold Adriano as he looks bad and decided to get Sakho from West Ham as he was transfer listed.

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