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  1. A very interesting thread! In real life I was a fan of Giampaolo's work until he managed my Milan side. Oh God what a shambolic performances from us earlier this season! I still like his basic idea tho, and actually tried to formulate it with my Brentford side (first season) but encountered many problems you stated. Anyway I would like to give this another try, especially with the informations this thread gives!
  2. Yup, luckily it didn't get through. Just got a message telling me that Benham dismissed the rumour of him selling the club. And at the club panel information, the owner says 'Loves the club' after before stated that they're looking to sell Brentford. Enjoying my second summer so far! Will post update if there's any further interest or if I have some time
  3. Thankyou @Ronaldo Beckham Yeah but it just doesn't feel really right without this Benham's moneyball etc
  4. So after picked up this game a month ago and read this thread several weeks ago, I decided to give it a go with Brentford because of the uniqueness approach this club has in real life. With the dominance of Denmark/Scandinavian feeling about this set-up, I even play as Daniel Agger, because why not right First season in Championship, it was really tough, had to change formations three time along the season, first 4-1-2-1-2 diamond, 4-1-4-1, then settled with 4-2-3-1; all with the same principle tho, just different combination. Because to make this save interesting, not only the recruitmen
  5. Draw Man Utd in Qtr Final of CL in 2021, Jose Mourinho is still their manager. I created a new tactic just to face Man Utd soon as we got the draw. Watch some of their team reports, highlights of goals, assists position, etc. Came with 4132 narrow. Trained it but never practice it in real match. First leg, at home, we beat them 2 - 0. We successfully shut them down, all of their attackers, no clear cut chance, no dangerous cross, and no other dangerous play. Happily, I felt my 'special tactic that made just to beat Mourinho' was a success, so I keep it for the second leg. But, perhaps th
  6. I have a preference to keep my squad to contain 25 players with 3 goalie. Every window I make sure that my first team, B team, and u19 team has 25 players in each of them. All of the first team, B team, and u19 team has the same squad structure in terms of players in certains position, role, etc, so it makes transition from my youth squad to B squad then to first team smoother (I'm managing Sporting CP and I have long term project here). Excessive player will go on loan. Although sometimes it's hard to keep the squad number low, since too many exciting prospects need chance in first team
  7. Never, ever, use weekly in my life. I don't know if certain amounts are high/low if sets to weekly
  8. That's what I'm doing at the moment, been frustated with the result so far ( at least for the last 2 days ). Same as me, I really enjoyed Pirlo show, especially in Italy NT for the last few years ( well you know the opinion of AC Milan fan for him ). Moreover, my favorite team always try to play with Regista in the last few years, unfortunately we don't have someone capable enough to do the job. Montolivo, Locatelli, Jose Sosa all technically capable in this role but was not good enough to lived up the expectations, that's why Lucas Biglia brought to the club. I tried 3331 formation, wit
  9. Comprehensive mainly, it shows good detailed of each match. Extended when I need to catch up time or play some less important games, such as cup tie or meaningless league games ( usually after we already sealed the title )
  10. Yes, I think its the same type of role as Limited Defender back in the day. And yes, its sound contradictory with your type of play, as the DCB will play 'safety-first' approach rather than play risky passing. This role usually useful for center back that has low passing, composure, vision, decision attribute.
  11. Ginter is amazing player for me, Dortmund sold him to me cheaply and in 18 months many of the big teams such as Atleti, City, Monaco, etc interested in him. Never managed Stark but he looks decent in game. Did you check Sule also? The best German centre back alongside Hummels in 2020!
  12. Finally won the league for the first time in our 3rd season, finished 4th and 2nd respectively. Batshuayi finished as joint-top scorer with 18 goals, he also contributed with 9 assist in the league. The champions league campaign was really crazy, we finished as runner-up in group stage alongside Lyon, beating Man City ( was the champion last season ) and Shaktar. Lyon finished with 10 pts, RBL with 9, Shaktar 8 and CIty 7. We drawn with Juventus in the last 16 and managed win 2 - 0 in the aggregate. Quarter final drawn against Barca and I thought our CL campaign would be offer. Who thought Bar
  13. How you play the game is up to you, you buy the game, you enjoy it the way you want. I don't really agree with 'cheating' but downloading tactic perhaps makes the game worthless. You are a football manager, you are supposed to manage the team.
  14. He is a real class in real life, never have him in the game tho. I tempted to buy him also, I have a load of cash and could sign him to fill my DLP role. I use RB Leipzig so a German really a bonus ( at least for me! love local players whenever I play). The problem is I have Leandro Paredes who does extremely well for me at that role. Is 50m for Weigl worth it? Do they can play both together or I need to leave Paredes in order to afford place for Weigl?
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