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Football Manager 2014 Update 14.1.3 OUT NOW

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Hi everyone.

Do to a few issues which have been raised since release, we've today released an update which will make your full version of Football Manager 2014, 14.1.3.

As it's quite early since release this is only a small update with a few fixes. Please be aware that the changes are minimal at this stage but we're still working hard at some of the other issues which have been raised since the game came out. We really do appreciate everyone who takes the time to raise issues for us on the Bugs Forum.

As always, if you have any issues updating the game, please first try exiting Steam to allow it to update, then verify the game cache as shown here - http://www.footballmanager.com/faq/?game=38&id=221

The update, as with all our updates, is save game compatible.

Changelist for 14.1.3 below. We hope you continue to enjoy Football Manager 2014. Thanks.

Football Manager 2014 - Update 14.1.3

Match v1427

- Improved player rating system

- Improved use of subs in FMC match plans


- Fixed lag/crash in the Steam Workshop with lots of custom graphics installed

- Fixed crash launching game when user has removed public documents folder

- Fixed match viewer graphical corruption on some non-English language Linux systems


- Tuned AI opening offers & negotiations

In-Game Editor

- Fixed text bleeds in some non-English currencies

- Fixed club finance values resetting in some non-English currencies

Standalone Editor

- Fixed player data tabs when editing multiple players


- Fixed some incorrectly set Norwegian wages

- Fixed some international records not displaying


- Stopped Paul Robinson being bitten by his pet dog

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