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Hey fellow FMers, My name is Jack a long term FM and CM player who until recently had simply played the games quietly in in my bedroom for the past 8 years. That said a few months back I discovered just how larger online community FM had and really wanted to get involved. And as a result www.workthespace.com was born.

WorkTheSpace is currently a small but rapidly growing Football Manager youtube channel. On there I post daily videos mostly but not limited to playthroughs and in the future I intend to expand my content onto a website which will provide a portal to my videos; but also enable me to write and share both football manager and football articles in the future.

I combine my love of FM with my digital design expertise in my videos to provide insightful, interesting and informative overview of the game. I like to keep my videos casual where possible but also keep some kind of structure to ensure they’re entertaining to watch. My most popular series is a Pentagon Challenge I’m undertaking which is currently in its 6th season and going strong.

My channel has already gathered a following in a short space of time and I hope you check it out and if you like what you see stay tuned for what I have in store, any feedback is also greatly appreciated.

I’d also like to say if you enjoy my content it’d be great if you check out other Fmers on YouTube, the Fm community on YouTube is small but growing every day and if you love FM half as much as I do I guarantee you’ll find great pleasure in watching mine and other peoples content.


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