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  1. I'd like to clarify that the majority of Cleons article here: http://sisportscentre.com/taking-the-community-back/ is actually my views I aired in an email to him when I read his "Goodbye" article, which he then posted with permission (although I don't doubt his views are probably very similar to my own). To me, it's felt over the years that SI Games are either removing the need for certain sites (challenges are now in the game, the Steam store almost negates the need for download sites) or ignoring them entirely (Cleon's articles) in favour of brand exposure from popular Youtubers or by doing silly "let's see who wins the World Cup" simulations for various papers and websites. They're more interested in increasing sales than advertising what amazing things the community does. Without the community you'd be left with what comes with the Steam download, or on the disc you buy from Game. You'd pretty much have to guess at what you're doing with tactics, you'd be left wondering why German player names are "broken", why player faces and logos are missing from some teams. WHAT THE HELL IS A TREQUARISTA?! Essentially, Football Manager is an incomplete game. The community fills in the rest. Perhaps SI have forgotten that?
  2. If adverts are placed well, you'll end up forgetting they are there. I'm sure that given the choice, web admins would rather the real estate taken up by 3rd party ads were utilised primarily for their own website. Unfortunately, whilst one person can afford $20 a month, another can't, and I don't think it's right that because your circumstances allow you to spend that money on web hosting ,that you believe that should be the same case for everybody. Google's a big company with more money than all of us yet their primary income is from adverts. Remember that.
  3. Reedy - the problem with all of those is that when a staff member is transferred to a new club/nation they also need their role changed. For some reason SI forces every staff member to be "Coach First Team" when you move them, so when you transfer a staff member, you also need to change their role on the website from Coach First Team to Manager First Team (if they are a new manager).
  4. Not using this tool as it stands currently, no. But as time goes by I am hoping to essentially have a fully working editor up online that everyone can contribute to.
  5. I didn't say it wouldn't work, I was pointing out that there is a more "correct" approach to creating a UID.
  6. The "db_unique_id" is actually a number multiplied by a Fermat number (In FM's case, the Fermat number is 4294967297). So it's not a totally random number, nor is it a sequential number (adding 1 each time). Ideally, you should be starting off with the "real" ID of a custom person (usually FM would start off using 740311596 I think? Something like that) and then multiplying 740311596 by 4294967297 to get your proper unique ID. Then you can use 740311597, 740311598, 740311599 etc for a real ID. Comes in handy if you ever wanted to add faces to these people - at least then you'd have a proper ID number to go by. <integer id="db_random_id" value="212525438"/> <-- this doesn't matter, you can leave these rows out entirely. <integer id="version" value="2080"/> <-- this can be whatever number you want. Change it to something you'd remember, that way you can see if your file is being passed around and someone else is claiming credit for it I wrote a Google Doc on some parts of the editors XML files for the Live Update website when I was coding it up - might come in handy for some of you? https://docs.google.com/document/d/1XPNKfUn3haBIk7yKU5Q6iZOLgAnbZ8D8HdQP1BgTPe4/edit?usp=sharing
  7. I'd have to rely on external websites for info (which is what I currently check) or what you've done - a post in here letting me know
  8. What I could do is set a script up that'll remove loans that have expired (so if someone was due to be loaned out until 27th November, on the 28th the site will detect it and remove it from the update).
  9. Did you submit the correct change Reedy? If not I'll update it myself once I find proof online.
  10. Good to see the crash when searching for failed changes has been fixed in the editor \o/
  11. That's us just past the 5,000 changes mark this afternoon. Thanks to the many people who have submitted changes so far.
  12. He's definitely there: Started this save this morning to check it out. He's only set to retire from international football. That change has been like that in the update for a while now.
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