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  1. I'd like to clarify that the majority of Cleons article here: http://sisportscentre.com/taking-the-community-back/ is actually my views I aired in an email to him when I read his "Goodbye" article, which he then posted with permission (although I don't doubt his views are probably very similar to my own). To me, it's felt over the years that SI Games are either removing the need for certain sites (challenges are now in the game, the Steam store almost negates the need for download sites) or ignoring them entirely (Cleon's articles) in favour of brand exposure from popular Youtubers or by doing silly "let's see who wins the World Cup" simulations for various papers and websites. They're more interested in increasing sales than advertising what amazing things the community does. Without the community you'd be left with what comes with the Steam download, or on the disc you buy from Game. You'd pretty much have to guess at what you're doing with tactics, you'd be left wondering why German player names are "broken", why player faces and logos are missing from some teams. WHAT THE HELL IS A TREQUARISTA?! Essentially, Football Manager is an incomplete game. The community fills in the rest. Perhaps SI have forgotten that?
  2. Seeing as getting it on the PS3 means you could play the entire saga on one system, it's not pushing me towards a PS4. The graphics will be more than decent on a PS3 I reckon
  3. Would be nice to close the whole franchise off. I'm guessing this one leads up to Solid Snake being born/his youth?
  4. Caleyjag


    I've used it every day for the last 15 years - had to teach myself as the firms I worked for refused to send me to training, but it's very simple to use (honestly!). Simple tip - type commands into the command line instead of trying to find the little icon - it'll help you as a beginner. line - draws a line move - moves stuff circle - draws a circle copy - copies stuff measure - measures stuff mirror - erm... mirrors stuff You get the idea. Zoom in and out with scrolling the mouse wheel, press down mouse wheel and drag in order to "pan" (move around) the drawing. As people have said though - get into BIM. Civil 3D (road design) and Revit (structural design) are the two big ones from Autodesk. I've been looking around for jobs the last 2 months and a lot are now asking for Engineers who have experience of using these.
  5. Caleyjag

    Needing Some Help Regarding Redundancy

    An update. Last Wednesday I accepted the job I was offered at another firm, and then wrote an email to HR explaining that I'd potentially found suitable re-employment elsewhere. With a start date of 19th May I asked if my second consultation meeting could be brought forward so I'd know if I was being made redundant earlier (obviously putting in the caveat that this was not me handing my notice in). HR said there shouldn't be a problem, and they'd do their best. Then yesterday HR visited the office to finish off the first round of consultation meetings with people that were off over Easter. Just as they were heading off out the door last night we were basically told "get a lawyer" because we'd need to "agree a settlement". So to me this sounds like the meeting can not be moved (probably due to the law regarding minimum length of consultation) and that myself and a few others are going to lose out on redundancy money AND have to pay for a lawyer if we want out earlier.
  6. Caleyjag

    Loch Ness Monster photographed again at last!

    It's not a reflection of whatever Apple used to take their map images is it?
  7. For some people that DO manager their money properly, they might have been made redundant and take a lesser paid job to try and pay their bills. They are doing the very best they can but gas/electric + mortgage might take so much out of their wages that they have no choice but to go to a food bank.
  8. Caleyjag

    Needing Some Help Regarding Redundancy

    I read it's 40% paid time off. So If I take 10 days off I get paid for 4. Is that right?
  9. Caleyjag

    Needing Some Help Regarding Redundancy

    What's the deal with "paid time off" for interviews & job hunting btw? I took half day on Friday off as annual leave. Should I be allowed to take time off without classing it as a holiday?
  10. Caleyjag

    Needing Some Help Regarding Redundancy

    keeper - is that how the consultation works then? Legally, they are obliged to do this over a month, but I can offer to end it early? Meeting is confirmed for Wednesday so I'll go in and offer voluntary redundancy without mention of another job, sounds the best plan. Hopefully they'll accept it.
  11. Caleyjag

    Needing Some Help Regarding Redundancy

    Yeah, nothing at all has been hinted at regarding them willing to accept voluntary redundancy. If it was a certainty that the jobs were all being made redundant could they turn voluntary redundancy down? Just delaying the inevitable isn't it?
  12. Myself (and others) got told last week we've been placed at risk of redundancy. From the way things are being said, it looks as though our department is definitely being closed down but I'm guessing they can'y just come out and say that due to legal stuff. Anyway, I've fired off some CV's and got myself another job lined up (waiting for formal offer letter to arrive). I've got my first redundancy consultation meeting with HR next week and am wondering if there was a chance that I could offer voluntary redundancy in order to secure my redundancy pay as well as taking on this new job. If not - and redundancy is inevitable - is there anything else I can do to secure my redundancy pay or PROVE somehow that I should be entitled to it even though I've found myself another job to go to (which I wouldn't have done if they hadn't announced redundancies)? Basically I don't want to hand in my notice next week and lose any extra money I can get my hands on. I've been reading online all day trying to find answers and I just can't get a straight answer anywhere.
  13. Just read that. An amazing admission! Although saying they'd use Trident as a bargaining chip is a bit off. I think we'd all understand if Salmond walks away from the table (debt free) if they tried that one. I'm completely swept up in the whole debate now. Regardless of the vote, you can sense that people in Scotland won't accept the state the country is in any longer.
  14. Caleyjag

    First house

    No better feeling than owning your own house, knowing that each month you pay off your mortgage you're effectively paying yourself to live there (kind of).
  15. Caleyjag

    First house

    When viewing a place that's furnished, check to see if it has a hoover, iron, ironing board etc. Lot of places I moved to didn't have these things for some reason, but they were never things I looked for when having a viewing.