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  1. There may have been an additional hint here that no one spotted. Hope everyone enjoys the beta, same time next year?
  2. The hate is far and few between to be honest and I'm used to it, this forum is tame compared to some places! Most of you are absolutely great, I enjoy this thread every year as a lurker and I'm fully aware I and potentially all 'influencers' (I hate that word) aren't going to be some people's cup of tea. Sometimes the ignorance and confidence in incorrect takes from some people is a little silly and even frustrating. Maybe I shouldn't care, but I like to correct them on it in the hope it provides some clarity and stops any misinformation. Realise that is probably a losing battle on the internet but it doesn't mean I won't try!
  3. I just wanted to join in on the countdown. Sorry guys. (Don't read into my excited 16.) Tomorrow will be an epic day for us all.
  4. I have sold over 9,000 copies of FM in the last 3 years directly via my affiliate link, I know I'm not the largest with that number either. That of course doesn't account for sales driven by myself of people who didn't use my link but bought the game elsewhere or people who watched my videos before trying out the game on game pass for example. It's impossible to quantify exactly, but I do believe online creators across all mediums have a sizable impact on driving FM sales, if SI didn't think that was the case I'm certain they wouldn't do the Alpha access for creators they do every year.
  5. Yes! hopefully for day 1 or 2 of the beta as well, some cool new QoL additions this time around
  6. I don't mind sharing my YouTube stats, the majority of my audience is over the age of 18. It's fair enough if gaming videos aren't your thing, I and others won't be everyone's cup of tea, but this notion that FM YouTube content only appeals to younger people or to a 1%> of the community is demonstrably false. I think lots of people exist on this forum not realising this place accounts for an even smaller amount of the community vs people who consume video content, there's a massive community out there who both play and don't play FM but consume content across only video platforms. .
  7. The checks to ensure that only licensed teams are featured in the content, there's usually a restriction on leagues we're allowed to show in videos.
  8. SI sign-off the videos based on some of the licensing agreements and legal restrictions that exist, but never have I heard of them asking creators to make changes to videos for any other reason in the last 10-plus years.
  9. Not sure where you're getting that impression from, but to be clear I'm simply speculating and have nothing to do with speaking in the name SI. Although I'd like to think that's obvious to most.
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