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Euro 2020 : in Europe.


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Yesterday I read a paper, in Le Monde, Platini stated : Why not organized Euro 2020 in 12/13 different cities all across Europe, for the 60 years of the Euro. One stadium per country, it would be a lot cheaper to organized.

I reckon it's tempting, I love the idea, it could be so mean.

On the other hand, it could be because the only candidates are atm Ireland/Scotland/Wales and Azerbaijan/Georgia, and perhaps Turkey. It would be a bummer for the fan as well, but Europe is still smaller than Brazil or USA which organized the WC, and if the cities are chosen carefully it won't be that bad.

What do you think?

[mode Troll] And it could be the last Euro before organizing it in China/Qatar as well :cool: [/mode]

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With the expansion wouldn't it be hard on the teams to travel from one place to another with only a few days of rest?

They could at least also expand teams to 26 from 23 :D

[troll mode] or include Argentina and Brazil just for some players [/troll mode]

Edit: according to wiki most teams played two consecutive matches in the same stadium in WC 94

Like Spain in Chicago and Brazil in Stanford

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Well, I sort it out of my head without thinking deeply about it but for Group Stage







And then from the knockout stage to eliminate the more external cities, and play in Madrid/Paris/Milan/Copenhagen/Amsterdam/Brussels/Munich.

Or something like that. It won't be that harsh for the players if done correctly I guess. However for the fans it's another story...

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