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  • Fm23 ps5 gameplay issue

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    Message added by Neil Brock,

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    I recently got fm23 on ps5 and I was reading a article where you add club relationships/affiliations by clicking in network and asking to do so but when I went to do this there was no network button to press so I don't really know what to do i dont know if it gets activated later in in the carrer or not. Could anyone help


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    I guess it depends on your standing in the club. did you just start there? what is your reputation? This should become available after some time later in the career when your standing within the club is big enough and your relationship with the chairman is good.

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    I just started to manage grimsby so my rating is quite low I think its like 2 stars and the relationship with the chairman goes up every game so I probably just have to wait I'm guessing

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