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  • MLS squads with just 15 players

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    Same issue with the MLS every year. Good players being waived as the AI does not know how to buy down cap impact, leading to squads of 15 or so players in the MLS. Every. Single. FM.

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      Start up any save, holiday a year and then have a look at the MLS squads.

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    The way this league is build just needs a revamp. AI waive players that they don’t register but irl, since most teams have have a B team those players are sent there instead of being waived and the AI struggles to send players to B teams. Teams also scared to loan players out but releases them all instead. 

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    Just to add some additional commentary to this issue, in my Minnesota United save, I found that when in the Squad Registration screen, right clicking on a player and going to Contract > Buy down contract that I couldn't actually change the salary impact slider for Wil Trapp or Juan Agudelo. The only way I was able to buy them down and thus meet the Salary Cap requirement was by going back into the Tactics screen, clicking on the player, clicking contract info, and then adjusting the salary impact slider.

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    Let's all stop pretending this thread is worthwhile, let alone the idea there's any sort of attempt at an "investigation" to fix anything.

    This forum reports this problem every year, and every release gives users the same issues.

    The best thing to do in the MLS is scrap it in the editor and recreate something else.

    On 19/11/2021 at 19:03, Kyle Brown said:

    We're aware of this issue already and have it under investigation. Thank you for raising it. :) 


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