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  • UNICEF Mesterfinalen and NM SAS BRAATHENS CUP

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    Mesterfinalen, the final between the cup winner and the league winner does not exist anymore and has not for years. Would you mind removing it?

    Also the name of the cup in Norway does not have a sponsor name anymore. It's just NM Cup. Mind fixing that, too?

    Thanks in advance.



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    @Sebastian Szlenkier - It got cancelled in 2019 due to the weather and since then there has been no news about it being played. Of course covid hit and the cup was cancelled and such. The latest news articles (from 2019) said the Norwegian FA are considering the future of the tournament. So it haven't been played since 2018 and no news about the future of it..

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    I've opted to keep it in the database up until now, as it's never been officially cancelled. But I agree that it might be time to remove it now.

    The 2019 cancellation was weather related, as stated above, and 2020+2021 playing it was not an option because of Covid. As the Norwegian Cup was cancelled in 2020, there wasn't a second finalist this year either. So 2021 was in a way double cancelled.

    2022 will also be cancelled, as the Norwegian cup final has been postponed until springtime next year. So yeah, probably best if we make it extinct for now, and then we can revisit if the FA decide to put it back on the menu in 2023.

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    The sponsor names mentioned must be from some third-party add-ons, as they're just called Norwegian Cup and Norwegian Super Cup in the database.

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