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  1. Cheers - all of this fixed in the database now. The club remains available if you should consider re-joining as an AR sometime
  2. He was missing appearance data in the database, so the game makes a calculated guess based on population data each time you start a save. Have fixed it now.
  3. Thanks for this - will be corrected in first data update.
  4. I'm pretty sure you must be using some third-party database/club name package, because Lillehammer FK is the name in the game database.
  5. You're right about this one, I will put it into the db. Personal links with other people and clubs, exactly like these, are very important for decisions the players make in-game, so we should get in as much stuff like this as possible. It's a field in which you really can't enter too much, and realistically we're probably missing 95% of the real-life inter-personal links. So please keep reporting things like this, it adds a lot to the game dynamic.
  6. It's game policy that we follow the real life events and update the database as things happen, even though the game might start earlier than the actual decisions were made. Work would pile up and things would get very confusing if we did it any other way. There is no real cut date, as researchers we're fixing errors and updating as long as we possibly can.
  7. Yeah, EKH positions have been recalibrated now. The AML thing is remnants of something a previous Grorud researcher entered into the database.
  8. Tore André Flo is set as a coach for Norway U21 in the database, in addition to his Chelsea job. So I don't really know why he's not appearing in your game.
  9. There are two reasons here: The first is when players with not strictly Norwegian names have Norwegian nationality in the database, without second nationality or "name nationality" added. Hiwa Hosseinzadeh at Ready being one example of this - This leads to the game treating Hosseinzadeh as any other Norwegian name. It's hard to find all these, and sometimes even hard to find out which nationality the name should have. But I can at least set Hosseinzadeh as an Iranian name in the database now. The other reason, and this one is new to me, is that it seems that the game has started to ignore
  10. Just raising the issue here as well: Tarik El-Younoussi is not the correct spelling for Tarik Elyounoussi at Shonan Bellmare. It's Elyounoussi, in one word.
  11. Huseklepp is there. @Nightwalker1988 - could you raise this issue in the Europe data issues thread?
  12. @Stephen Glennon maybe you can specify to @tsagbotxdwhat is needed to take a look at this, I am unable to replicate the problem on my end. Teams are registering their loan players just fine in my saves.
  13. Is this issue with AI clubs not registering their loan players specific to Norway or a general bug? In the soaks I've been running I have not noticed that this happens at all.
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