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  1. Thank you. I've been aware than things have happened up in Hammerfest, but I've been unsure of the details. Will have this sorted before the next big data patch.
  2. Supert, tror ikke de andre alternativene speiler originalbetydningen på noen særlig god måte.
  3. Forgot to say thanks for all this. I will get into it once I have the database back.
  4. As you say, it's been reported, and SI is working on fixing it. I have asked them to make an official reply here.
  5. I've reported this to SI, and they claim to have fixed it. Are you playing beta or full release? If beta, which version?
  6. Is "kontant" maybe more in line with the original meaning of "No-Nonsense"? Kontant midtstopper - kontant sideback.
  7. Are all these kits one-coloured (same shorts & socks)?
  8. Don't apologize, this is brilliant work and a very good contribution. I will go through the list and fix each one when I get the database back, but it's going to take me a lot less time if you could provide a picture of each kit in question. Blue is not just blue, there are thousands of shades of each colour, so it will save me hours if you could help out with that.
  9. Logging all this stuff for fixing later. Severinsen is a huge miss. I lost my researcher for Tromsø back in the spring, so some oversight was lost there. I'm currently looking for someone to take over TIL.
  10. I've been able to recreate the issue in a save of my own and logged it with SI. Thanks.
  11. Could you upload your save game here? Fixture congestion was also a problem in FM18, we need to look further into it. Would also be able to take a look at the sponsorship issue.
  12. Maybe he dyed his hair? Anyways, I'll have a look into this. But with 18.000 players in the database (active and inactive) there are bound to be some names that are not acting properly.
  13. This does not happen when I start a new game, and it's not in the database anywhere - have you installed any kind of external expansions? I see that you have the correct club crest for Asker, so you must have downloaded some graphics etc. That leads me to believe that this error comes from the third-party expansion.
  14. The database is now locked down for release, but keep posting the things you find, I am logging everything.
  15. Please send some screenshots of this. Are you playing in English or Norwegian? This error is not in the database, so it must be either an issue with translation or otherwise.
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