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  • Sell on clause disappears

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    I have sold a number of players with sell on clauses but some time after I go back to that player and the clause has disappeared from their contract page. The example below shows a player I sold and you can see his clause on the 4 Jan but by 15 Jan it is gone. He hasn't moved club or signed a new contract so it should still be there



    • Steps To Reproduce:
      Sell player with a sell on clause.
      Check back a few weeks later

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    This problem is around for quite some time now.

    it seems that it disappears after some weeks. How to fix this? To see it lost the sell-on disappears the ‘joy’ to sell your best players. 
    hope you can solve this soon. I’ve stopped playing until it’s fixed

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    I only just realised I have the same issue... iv sold so many players with sell on clauses and never heard anything later... I went to check on a couple of players and noticed the sell on clauses were missing... 

    Tried deleting and redownloading aswell but issue remained.

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    On 03/02/2022 at 09:54, passenger58 said:

    I believe the clauses disappear when the player in question signs another contract at their new club. 

    It's not even that.

    Step 1: Start a save as Newcastle and buy Barella with a sell-on percentage:



    Step 2: Complete the transfer and verify the percentage is there:



    Step 3: Play on for a week and check again:



    Hey Presto, now you see it, now you don't! 

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