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Quite often I'm playing a very condensed schedule with games every 48 or 72 hours . Such cases are extremely hard to handle because of fatigue. As a result I would suggest adding (at least some of) the following options:

  • Add an option to rest players because of a very condensed schedule. The players should be (much more) willing to  accept it compared to the standard rest interaction options since it is fairly obvious that only very bad personalities would insist on playing on 70% condition. This should help alleviate the "not enough playing time" complains when heavily rotating.
  • Make the players more willing to rest league games if they have already won the league and are still in cup competitions (e.g. CL). This is more generic and not so tied to condensed schedule but it is an addition I would like to see since it would help develop other players and it sounds fairly realistic.
  • Add selective training, where some players are following a different schedule than the rest. When I have a game coming right after I've played one and I can't rotate, I typically only schedule recovery/rest/match preview/match review sessions, in order to improve their condition as much as possible. It would be nice to only apply this to players that have played in the last game or are fatigued, while the rest improve their attributes through normal training,
  • Players could volunteer not playing in games if they're very tired (e.g. condition < 80%), again to avoid the "not enough playing time" issues.

Obviously, the best solution would be to have better scheduling with games spread out more neatly in the season but I understand that it is not an easy problem to tackle.

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