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Nintendo Switch mouse control

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I play my Nintendo Switch at a desk, with it docked to a monitor, with keyboard and mouse (for those games that support it). 

Whilst I find using the controller straightforward, having grown up with FM on PC's, I still much prefer to use a mouse. 

The mouse works on the Switch, however I still need to use shoulder buttons on the controller to access menus. Am I missing something, or are there no options for mouse control only? 

It'd be so much easy and more intuitive to be able to play the game through keyboard and mouse like the PC version. 

Oh, and please make save games cross platform! 

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@MX5Marc I like this feedback, sounds like a good accessibility hack!

Stuff like this should be in our feature request forums, so I have moved it to the feature request forum. 

There's no options for just Mouse control currently. 

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Many thanks Lucas.

I don't know how much support there is for the Switch in terms of controller button mapping, however something like the following would work:

Left mouse button remains as it is (essentially mapped to A) 

Double click left mouse button brings up  main menu on the left (mapped to L shoulder button) 

A long hold on the left mouse button could go back a page (mapped to ZL shoulder button) 

Right mouse button remains as is (mapped to X or - for the context menu) 

Double click right mouse button brings up  action menu on the right (mapped to R shoulder button) 

A long hold on the right mouse button could go forward a page (mapped to double clicking the ZL shoulder button) 

There's a button for continuing the game, so no need to map that. 

The scroll wheel needs to work, but at least that can be done by holding the scroll bar presently.

I'm sure many people have gaming mice with multiple buttons, but the above would make it accessible to all mouse controllers, and work for 95% of gameplay. To access the options menu, then we can resort to the Switch controller, as it's not often required.

I've not mapped the pressing down of the scroll wheel, so that's free for anything I've missed. 

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