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Regarding Scouting

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I have a question about scouting. When scouting, you have three different options (disregared competition scouting etc). You can assign a scout to seach either a nation, region or world. For the last two options you can also assign the scout to 'roam'. I would presume that scouting would be most thorough when a scout is assigned to a nation, less thorough when assigned to a region and least thorough when assigned to the world. Obviously, the ability to find talents depends on things like scout knowledge and club knowledge of each country.

As I see it, though, when scouting at the moment it takes far to long for scouts to get through the individual countries, especiall when assigned to a region or the world. I would like to know how my assumptions compare to the reality of the game (FM 09, first patch). So SI feel free to reply!!

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