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The English King

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Troy Richards was known as a "hardman" in his playing career and was also rather hotheaded he was brought up in South East London in a house of chelsea and tottenham fans so naturally He was a gooner his parents had been seperated since he was 1 and at first he lived with his dad until he was 7 when his dad became abusive so Troy being the hothead he is did something no one saw coming he reported him to his school and from that moment forward he spent the rest of his childhood. When Troy was 11 he went into secondary school and that was an emotional ride like no other he felt love betrayal depression anger and everything in between but most importantly, he found friendship when he was in year 8 he met his best friend, Andrew "Andy" Dulake. Andy was a magnificent striker on his day whilst Troy not so much Troy was destined to be a defender with his build however the two of them were the stars of the show for their school football team with Troy commanding the defence and Andy scoring the goals. It only took them a few games to be spotted by a few youth scouts and before long they both had teams hunting their signature and they had 4 options they took legitimately Crystal Palace, West Ham, Millwall and QPR The very first football match Troy went to was with his primary school was at the boleyn ground West Ham 0-2 Man united and He knew just how passionate the supporters were however Andy was leaning towards Millwall for the same reason so after weeks of games and trials they both decided to sign with West Ham they both climbed the ranks at the hammers steadily and then in 1996 at the age of 16 Troy made his debut for the first team in the league cup 4th round and even though it was a lost it was the start of something special. Troy and Andy had been replicating the magic they showed for there school for West Ham and whilst there the two of them made friends with two academy graduates being Rio Ferdinand and Frank Lampard in the year 2000 Andy had broken in to the first team full time whilst Troy had spells here and there but was struggling to establish himself but then in 2002 New england manager Sven Goran-Eriksen (if i spelt it wrong im bad with scandinavian names so yeah) picked Troy for his squad at the 2002 world cup and he was simply stupendous as a partner to Sol Campbell and after his showings he had teams lining up for him and even though Andy left for spurs the year before Troy had no intrest in a reunion if it ment he had to play for the lilywhites and he had 3 teams chasing him and he was interested in all 3 being Marseille, Lazio and Chelsea and he wanted one above all he wanted to play in Serie A the leauge where one of his 3 idols played: Franco Baresi


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At the beginning of the 02/03 season Troy signed for Lazio and enjoyed 2 years in Italy however he wanted one move in his career above all, Arsenal and in the 04/05 season he got his move and won the only trophy of his playing career the F.A. Cup and he went out on loan to charlton the next season and it went horribly wrong in january 2006 Troy Richards lost his career to a horror injury he has broken his leg in two places he tried to bounce back and after signing for Charlton he did for a short time but in a match against sunderland he tore his cruicate ligament and this time it was all over it took him 2 years to get other the lost of his career When Andy who had just retired after playing for Atletico Madrid came to him and said a few words "Me and you, We're gonna manage a team" this sent Troy on a fasttrack to success as after one call he landed the job as Charlton u23 manager and then in 2018 he was given the first team job

Roland Duchatelet: Hello Troy we're very impressed with your u23 team and as you know we need a new manager and what would you be able to bring to the table

Troy: My team takes plenty of inspiration from Rinus Michels's Ajax team and is defensively sound whilst being able to play expressive, attacking football

Roland: Okay and where are you expecting to be able to take us

Troy: I have a 2 year plan year 1: secure survival in the championship and year 2: Establish us a mid table championship team after that just take it one game at a time

Roland: Of course you're known for being a hothead so would you be able to keep your anger under control

Troy: My "hotheadedness" will turn into passion and i'll use that passion to lead this club to glory

Roland: Okay then we're done here I'll get in touch once we have made a decision on a manager

Troy: Okay sir I'll talk to you about contract details once you've decided

(one week later)

Roland: Ladies and Gentlemen the new manager of Charlton Athletic, Troy Richards

( i dont do press conferences normally)

heres the squad and tactics


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Just a little notice to make it more fun for me im gonna change starting team to dulwich hamlet so just forget i ever managed charlton

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August update

1946274935_Screenshot(9).thumb.png.9bee8036113d686755ab202c088c554d.pngIn the league at the moment we're placed 4th

Cup competitions not started yet








3 wins

1 draw

1 lose

was pretty disappointed with the lose we played awful when we should have won that match as for the draw we were the better team and deserved more just couldn't finish our chances








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Thanks for that Mark and hope you enjoy

September update

2nd in the league

got through to FA cup qual 3rd round which was played against metropolitan police

Played 7 won 6 lost 1

October Update

1st in the league

got to FA cup 4th qual round and lost to boreham wood (arsenal's little brother)

played 7 lost 3 won 4 

November update

1st in the league (somehow)

Played 3 draw 2 lost 1

and december isnt looking too good either

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Well lads i said December wasn't looking good i gotta get 10 points in the next 5 games or im facing the axe 

Troy: Well Andy we got a big problem

Andy: Im well aware Troy it was looking so good in september

Troy: Thank god i got a application going through at some job in france's third divison

Andy: Hopefully we just dont get sacked

Troy: We need 10 points in 5 games with wealdstone 2nd in the league in that mix and we dropped to 7th when last month we was first what happened

Andy: Maybe we need to change tactic we're playing a 4-4-1-1 control possesion what if we went with a good old 4-4-2 wing play tactic we got two strikers that can play as poachers 

Troy: we need to try anything

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call it selfish but after losing to oxford city I had 3 games to get 9 points so i resigned before i was sacked

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Somehow I managed to get the Northampton job when they're mid table in league 2 despite my dreadful autumn/winter so far hopefully this job goes well

Northampton Chairman: Welcome Troy obviously you failed to meet expectations and it looks as though you jumped before you we're pushed

Troy: I won't deny it during November I believe the lost in the FA trophy first round (ik i didnt talk about i didnt do a december update as i left before the month was over) damaged our confidence and the players at some point just stopped listening to me and Andy and just made our lives there 10x worse

Northampton: I see as you know we have taken a risk hiring you so i hope you can make us look like geniuses

Troy: Oh dont worry i assure just like i said in the interview "It'll be the best decision you ever make"

Northampton: Well i hope it is


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