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  1. Is it any coincidence that his name is VERY similar to Geoff Hurst
  2. November Update I'm not going in depth this month I'll just post pics of the important stuff We also lost to Gladbach in UEL so were 2nd there but Man City, Liverpool and Man Utd are snapping at our heels
  3. October Update October started with a game against Spartak Moscow away from home in the UEL We did well picking up the 3-0 victory with Saka, Nelson and Ceballos scoring and well shockingly enough MATT MACEY putting out a hell of a performance and if he keeps it up he could challenge Martinez as No.2 Martinelli though is still the weak link even down the center with him picking up the lowest rating on the team and honestly my patience is running thin with him also AMN is out for 2-4 weeks with a pulled groin which couldnt come at a worse time as next up is Liverpool at home
  4. September Update September started off with a bang as we win 3-1 over West Ham We dominated West Ham this game however my worries still persist with only 9 shots on target out of 21 but if we keep scoring I wont have to worry, Goretzka wasn't amazing so I'm going to have to figure out how to get him at his best as Goretzka can honestly become the best player in the league if I can use him properly so I think this could be an experimental month as the fixture list does look fairly relaxed The next game was a 2-1 victory against Newcastle United at St James Park
  5. August Update The season didnt begin as well as hoped taking a 2-0 loss to Leicester City Although we got very unlucky as both fullbacks went off injured (Just my luck) meaning we had to ship David Luiz out as a left back because Kolasniac was left off the bench resulting in us having to play Torreira as a center half when new signing Issa Diop picked up a red card and well being 5'5 and a center back is a recipe for disaster with Vardy bullying him for the next 20 mins or so plus Goretzka was p*** poor in midfield with Zaracho having to pick up after him however Zaracho did pr
  6. Hey, I've decided to redo my annual Arsenal save as now I've finished my Genk save it can become my main save so I've restarted I started by clearing out our scouts and bringing in a new look recruitment team as recruitment has NOT been our strong point in recent years *cough* David Luiz *cough* Sokratis *cough* Mustafi... You get the point so hopefully we will pick out some gems with this set up In terms of transfer activity i went for quality over quantity only bringing in 3 players but the key player is Leon Goretzka who for 26 million was an absolute steal and we sold
  7. Smith Rowe was amazing when called upon but the left wing was between him martinelli and ozil till i sold ozil in Jan to united then i just couldnt justify taking him out the team and its called Yacs 0.8.0
  8. I know he's on the transfer list but bit too ambitious lads dont see Pierre wanting to live in the basque country for a year
  10. Now the nostalgia has overwhelmed me with this signing but I couldnt let a player so technically gifted end his time at arsenal the way he had too so Ladies and Gentlemen Boys and Girls I give to you the return of the little magician SANTI CAZORLA
  11. I mean i started on FM17 when I was 11 gonna be turning 15 in summer
  12. Thx Gav yh still struggling with the writing part to this used to doing this kinda thing in video form so yh still adapting
  13. I've decided that we're pretty stacked upfront even without Auba with Nketiah and Geubbles showing massive potential along with youth intake star Dave Tickle (named by @SteveUK) so wont need to sign any strikers allowing me to use a 126 mil budget to help in other areas (That im struggling to identify) My current skin doesn't fit it all on the screen but if I could have some help identifying areas you think i could improve would be greatly appreciated
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