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Looking for help/advices for a comprehensive mod

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Hi everyone. I'm currently trying to create a comprehensive worldwide alternative database. It's quite a big project, and I am having some troubles as to how to make it work in the editor. Thus this thread, I would like to gather opinions and advices on how to make it work. 

The idea is to create a different environment for the game, to have a whole new playable experience. I entend to make a new worldwide "system" for football. I intend to use clubs from nearly every nations present in the game in a new structure. It's kinda like the world leagues database that have been existing for years but with a different takes. One other thing is that I want to tweak the nations ratings (espacially for regens) so that it is way way more closer between nations. I would like to keep the same kind of "ranking", but with a smaller gap between all nations. That would mean boosting (and sometimes - boosting a lot) many smaller countries so they can produce actual decent regens. 

I also have a few ideas on how to rework international football in a way that would synergise well with this database and create something interesting but that would be for later.

Right now I would like to create a working league system, and I'm not sure about the direction I should take. My ideas would probably require multiple db files as I will have to set rules for multiple nations and I am not sure how to handle them. 

Now I'll try to explain the league system that I have in mind. Those leagues would include clubs from various countries, geographically distributed. They would be "franchised leagues" (think MLS) without relegations, or even lower leagues. Nearly every nation (except a few Oceanian and Carribean smallest countries) would be represented at least once, and at most with three clubs. The world would be divided in 4 regions (America, Europe, Africa, "Oceasia"), with each region having 3 (2 for America) leagues plus one "regional cup". I would also like to have a worldwide "SuperLeague" with clubs from the biggest countries with every region being somewhat equally represented, and a "worlwide open cup" including every clubs, from the SuperLeague and each regional leagues.  I would also like to make it so clubs from a specific region could only use players from said region. That could be done using a "no foreigner" restriction and using the accords to make it work, I think. The SuperLeague would have no foreigner restriction, of course. To summarize, a player could only play : A - For a team within is origin region ; B - For a team playing in the SuperLeague. A Senegalese player could play in one of the three African Leagues, or in the SuperLeague. This, added with the tweaked ratings, would - I think - help with the formation and help create a interesting environment for international football. Additionnally, I would like to ensure that the regional leagues are equal in all economic matters, with the SuperLeague being the worldwide big and very rich league where the best players play. 

I'll try to summarize this as follow :

Worldwide :

SuperLeague : 24 Clubs
Worldwide Open Cup : 288 Clubs

Europe : 
Europe North : 24 Clubs
Europe West : 24 Clubs
Europe East : 24 Clubs
European Regional Cup : 72 Clubs

Africa : 
Africa West : 24 Clubs
Africa East : 24 Clubs
Africa South : 24 Clubs
African Regional Cup : 72 Clubs

Oceasia :
Oceasia West : 24 Clubs
Oceasia East : 24 Clubs
Oceasia South : 24 Clubs
Oceasian Regional Cup : 72 Clubs

America : 
America North : 24 Clubs
America South : 24 Clubs
American Regional Cup : 48 Clubs

I've already given a look at clubs I would select, and the "franchise allocation" I would give to each countries (1 or 2 spots in the regional leagues, plus a 3rd for the 24 countries featured in the SuperLeague). The selection was mostly made in regards to the city in which is club is located (capital/biggest city), their stadium and how cool I thought their identities were (name / logo) if there was multiple candidates. That's not a definitive list tho, merely me looking into it to see what would be possible. I did not want to select necessarily the biggest clubs, just the clubs that would fit the idea I had. Also, the clubs would be tweaked in their characteristics to even the field, as would the nations. All those clubs would probably take a lot of modifications. The idea is not to take the actual IRL clubs and to put them together, I just want to use already existing clubs. I considered creating all the clubs from scratch but thats just not reastically possible considering I would need 288 of them. 

One other thing I want to consider is the players. That would need ajustements too, espacially since all the clubs selected are not equal in terms of rosters. For exemple in the SuperLeague, I considered Real Madrid for Spain, Paris Saint-Germain for France (big stadiums, capital city) and .. Union Berlin for Germany. I thought it would be coherent to have a club in Berlin for the German spot, and Herta BSC .. well, Union Berlin felt more "Berlin" to me, I don't know. Also, something that could be done is taking Union Berlin but switching their stadiums to the Olympiastadion, since the idea is to create a "new world" using the assets already in the game. Going back to the rosters, well Real Madrid and Union Berlin do not really have equal rosters. And thats not even considering clubs from others parts of the world (FC Tokyo ?), so that would need reajusting. 
One idea that I want to play around is using the "fake players" and "add players to club" options at the creation of a new save, which would be a mandatory setting needed for the update to be playable. Maybe moving players in the editor to have coherent rosters for the game to generate regens with it ? Creating "blank" players ? I'm not really sure what would work the best, or if it even is possible, that would require testing. But I think having only game-generated players in the save would add to this "new world experience".

Anyway, that's a lot of rambling. I did not put to much work into it yet, I just tried write down all the ideas that I have to have something coherent, to ask the opinion of editors in the community. I know my way around the editor but I am by no means an experts, and that's why I would like to read the opinion of those who are about the feasability of this and the way to do it. Thanks for reading all of this. I hope some of you will be interested in this project and that you could maybe give a little bit of help !

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