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Training Players for Multiple Positions

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I think now most teams IRL have tactical fluidity as their players can readily understand several positions on the pitch as it is part of modern football. For example, you can see a manager playing a LB in a LWB or CB position when playing three at the back and the look fairly comfortable playing there without having to train him for months in that specific position.

The current player's position training option doesn't reflect how things are in football these days. Seeing a LB's suitability saying he's ineffectual or unconvincing when played as LWB is not realistic imo.

In FM terms, I'd like to have the option to train a player for several (similar) positions all at once as a block (FB/WB/Wide midfielder, DM/CM/AM, CB/DM, etc), and tie the player's ability to be more tactically flexible to both determination and versatility attributes as well as the player's age (as younger ones can be easier to mold) or other attributes SI see fit.

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