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[FM09] Did the patch install correctly?

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Tried installing the patch but when I click the "check for updates" button in game, my browser opens a new window with the message:

New minor update available

We've detected that a newer build is available from the Sports Interactive website.

The URL contains version 9.1 with build 26064. Tried changing the build in the URL to 26065 (because that sounds minor to me), to see if that makes any difference. But no, still the same message.


I would like to be sure that I have got the correct (latest) update before starting my first game. Hope that someone can confirm that.

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When in game, goto the game status screen and it should tell you what version you are running. If it says 9.1.0, you're in business.

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Thanks for the quick reply. Now I am sure that I can start playing my first game without having to start over again soon :).

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