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FM2007 - Recreativo (3rd Season) - Need New DL and DM

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Recreativo, 3rd season in FM 2007 - I will be playing in the CL qualifiers.

I need a new DL and DM as my current ones aren't good enough. I have a lot of youngsters for both who will hopefully turn out good, but aren't ready yet.

My current 1st choice DM is Abel Buades, a technical type, so I could probably use someone physical to swap around with him. I have had Alou Diarra in on loan who has been alright as cover, but I'm not sure if I want him or can afford him. I have Haestad who could play there, but he is doing a good job down the left for me and my only piece of good cover there will be Rothen.

I don't really have a first choice LB - Doumbe, who should really be a RB, has played mostly there this season, and a french guy called Alain Cantereil has been playing there as well. Doumbe has been good, but I need him as cover on the right, and Cantareil isn't really good enough. It will take some doing to match my league finish this past season, and I need more class in the team.

I have £6.75 million approx to spend on the two. I would have had more, but I just managet to pick up Gourcuff to solve my AMC problem for £3.5m :D

My team will be looking like:








V. Hleb




Any help gratefully received.

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He was indeed in my thoughts. I'm not sure if I can get him for a good price though - he is at HSV at the moment. I have also been thinking about Eduardo Costa, but am not sure whether he will be good enough.

I'll put an offer in for Sivok, but I'm not too hopeful.

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Ok, have finally started going through the off-season (I really hate it, unlike most people) and a few new options have presented themselves. I have been battling for Sivok, finally had a bid accepted but at £3.3m is a bit steep plus there are other clubs in for him, and he has just had a very good Euro 2008. I'm struggling to get the wages down so I can afford to squeeze him in, but there's probably only a 50/50 chance of it happening.

Other options I have come across:


Senna - Is getting on a bit, but available, and should be cheap for £1.1m-1.4m

Sunny - Not superb yet but might break into the team, has a minimum fee release of £2.6m

Miguel Falcon - Probably not a popular choice, but I like him, and he would be good captain material. Slow but very tall and strong, should cost about £1m

DL - I am still having problems with this one. I have a few potential targets lined up:

Evra - Should cost about £3m but not the best defensively, and 25 other clubs are after him.

Clichy - Will be a bit pricey, right on my limit (£5m ish) and may not want to leave Atletico

Van Damme - Quite cheap (£1.5m-ish), a monster defensively, but looks more of a DC than a DL who can get forward and put crosses in.

Esparza - A good player, but more of a midfielder, and maybe a slightly boring choice. Somewhere between £2.5 and 3m, I'm guessing.

Antonio Lopez - I would love to land him, but he will be at the limit of my price range (£4.5m-ish), I probably can't afford his wages, and 10 other clubs have already made bids, including some big ones.

Taye Taiwo - Physically good, a little weak technically, and I'm not sure how much he will cost.

Any comments on the above would be fine and dandy.

I also need to consider whether to ger rid of my ageing backup midfielders (Figo, Veron - they are still technically astounding but not so pacey, and it would free up some wage bill - but having said that, they gave me some real moments of magic last year without which I wouldn't have got into the CL qualifiers. I suppose it depends how my luck with injuries goes.

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Oh. I might actually have to make a quick decision here, Sivok vs Senna, young vs old, expensive vs cheap etc....

Edit - Buades has been on fire pre-season, going to be a difficult decision who ends up on the bench.

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