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3D kits problem

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I recently downloaded a FM 2012 kit pack for the Championship and Premiership (can't recall where i got it from) which gave me all the new 2012/13 kits. Now i got them in and loaded alright but the wrong colours show up in the 3D match engine.

e.g. Recently played against Blackburn as Leeds, now with the new kits both the home and the away kit clash with Rover's home kit so it reverts to the third (black, which was originally the away kit) kit which shows up fine in the match information screen as does the correct colours in the commentary bar BUT the kit in the match engine shows as the new away blue kit. When playing Fulham in the next game it was the opposite, with the blue kit showing up in the match information and commentary bar but the black kit on the pitch.

Now fairly naive when it comes to the meat that is editing of a game's graphic's so can anyone see a solution or where i'm going wrong. I spent a fair amount of time amending kits in FMRTE with no success, other teams suffering the same problem with the amended away kits. I know there is a way of doing it via the lnc files but ya talking upwards of 40 teams that need various kit colours changing. Is there another way of doing it or are there lnc templates that can aid with this issue? Do kit packs come with something to change the actual 3d kits or is it just a visual thing in the club profile and match info screens?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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First of all, there's two type of kitpacks: those that show in a club's information screen and those that are displayed in the match engine. They are separate and while they are generally the same, it seems like that is not the case in your game.

Those in the club information screen are just cosmetic in nature. They do not change anything and are there simply to give some 'colour' to the game.

What you need to change in your case are the 3D kits. You should download the 3d Kits of the division you want from here and place them in the correct folder. Happily, these changes will also work in a save game.

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Ahhhh right (seems simple now). Would they go into the same graphics folders as the other kits or somewhere else and would i be able to download the FM2013 kits into my FM2012 game as i'm running with this season's kits in my save?

UPDATE: 3D kits work great however, the championship kit packs i've seen don't have the 3rd kits which is a problem.

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