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  1. Very happy to see this. Can't wait to start a Billericay Town save!
  2. Yeah. I mean the honours things is really annoying but i'm sure the last game i had before this one (FM12) i managed to do it. Seems odd though if the problem has been around that long that it has yet to be sorted by the Si. I'll try the non playing history section and give it a go, thanks.
  3. I tried adding some honors for a couple of created players. The players history went on just fine but nothing showed up in the honors plus in addition to that despite having various clubs in the players history in the description for the player in game it says he has been at his current club for his entire career. Is anyone aware of these bugs or is there a fix or trick i have missed?
  4. To be honest i did for all of 5 minutes but seeing as this is my first game back on FM since FM 2012 i'm hugely diappointed that it's pretty much the exact same set of questions.... Three years and near enough the exact same questions strikes me as hugely lazy when it comes to that side of the game along with team talks being identical choices again just about.
  5. Been an absolute monster for my Leeds team. 5 games in, 3 goals, 4 assists, 3 MoM awards. We'll see if it lasts when the full game is released.
  6. Well i know there were only a set amount of possible outcomes in FM12. Played an international match and just for fun, reloaded it roughly 15-20 times and on more than one occassion not only was the result the same but also the goals were exactly the same despite changing various things around. I'm not talking similar, i'm talking to a carbon copies. If it's the same in FM13, maybe this game cannot be won. As the saying goes, One does not simply... Beat Walsall.
  7. Yeah, well done to Hart Foundation... Second place ain't bad for my first FMS fantasy season. I wonder if me and Sporting need to do a play-off as we finished with identical records?
  8. Yes, i was robbed and i demand justice... Sure i have the number to Batman round here somehere....
  9. Because my Golden Boot is a bit lonely and it would like some company
  10. Should be able to see it if ya go to history-players-awards.. I don't have FM13 but i could view award winners for each club by doing that in FM12.
  11. Well, smell ya later people! Oh, any word on Supporter's player of the Year for FMS? Yes it is, especially after the infamous Cat House scandal of 2011...
  12. Champions League, F.A. Cup, League Cup, Europa League and of course the annual World Mouse Trap Tournament winner/s please
  13. Or maybe it's Warner gone off to replace Tony Stark as Ironman? What? I can dream!
  14. I wasn't, you want the coke or not?! lol
  15. How about this, cause you beat them... I owe you a coke?
  16. Even if i finish second, slashing a 24 point gap down to 1 point with a game to go is quite an achievement...
  17. Well ya can't really complain about not being top scorer... I scored more but i think we both have reason to be annoyed at not getting Player of the Year. And sod the lawyer.... GET ME THE PRESIDENT!
  18. Ashley Marks... What the f**k?!? No Player of the Year award... No international call up... No cake shaped like boobs. Worst. Season. Ever!
  19. God damnit i need my Nineteen fix... I'm freakin out maaaaan!
  20. Yes Blankley, why could it be? (insert smug looking smiley face)
  21. I'm using FM12 and about to start my fourth season (2014/15) and Fergie is still at Man Utd.
  22. True. Hopefully that last transfer i made could turn the tide... Squeaky bum time people!
  23. Was looking at the wrong table when i posted my dumb first post before changing it... Still a win for Hart and it's all over.
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