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Wolves from 2019...

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Hey everyone.

I've recently been playing as Wolves and have managed to turn them into a reasonable force after 8 seasons. I'm currently in season 9 and wanted to start blogging about my game, however as it's so far into the game already I feel no one would be too interested in hearing about it.

This is just a quick question to all of you to see if you would be interested in reading about my Wolves game? I would obviously give an evaluation to begin with to get everyone up to speed on how things have gone.

Here is a brief overview to give you an idea of where I am at in my game...


My major achievements to date have been:

3 FA Cups

1 League Cup

3 Community Shields

1 Euro Cup (Europa League)

1 Premier League title

Manager of the year in 5 of my 8 seasons

If anyone could give any feedback on if they'd be interested in reading about this please let me know :) Never done anything like this before but want to give it a go.

Thanks for any responses :)

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Yeah go for it, I would be interested and I'm sure others will be.

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Ok thanks :) I'll start a different thread for it with a full overview of what's happened :) Also could anyone help let me know how to add images to a post so they show directly on the post rather than having to show a link to the image please?

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