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Creating a new European League structure


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Stuck inside because of the snow in England I had an idea this afternoon for creating a new European wide league structure. I know Super Leagues have been created before but I'm not sure if any like this have been made or if it's even possible. Basically I am looking for advice...

Here's my idea;

European Super League Prem Division - 20 teams, the usual creme de la creme. 3 relegated to...

European Super League Division 1 - 22 teams. 4 relegated.

Here's the difficult bit. I then had the idea of a series of regional feeder leagues. So...

British League - England, Scotland, Wales, Nothern Ireland, Ireland

Western League - Portugal, Spain, France, Holland, Belgium

Central League - Germany, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Czech Republic

Scandinavian League - Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland

Eastern League - Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Romania, Hungary

Southern League - Turkey, Croatia, Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Isreal

Each league would have as many divisions as the amount of teams dictated, each with 22 teams (until the last 1 obviously). 3 up 3 down with play offs ala the English league system.

I'm unsure on the best way to promote teams from the regional leagues to the Super League. I thought some sort of play off system. Also not sure how the leagues would reorganise themselves after relegation/promotion to and from the super league?

Complex isn't it! I think it would be great though. Reckon its possible?

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I once attempted this myself on FM09 and FM10. Never got round to finishing, mainly due to my laziness. Good luck with it, I always hope that if a real European super league is created, it will have a tiered pyramid like this one.

I had roughly this:

Super League

Division 1

Division 2

Western Europe Division

Eastern Europe Division

(Possible Central Europe Division)

Then I went onto a further renationalized structure - such as the UK league, Scandinavian League, etc.

The main problem arises with boundaries. You're almost forced to allow Iceland into the UK league due to their position on the planet.

The next tier was the nations own league, I.E England, Italy, Spain.....all had their national league back that fed into the above tier.

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