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Homesick Players and manager promises

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I havnt put this in the bug forums, as it is clearly not a bug, but a question of SI's interpretation of words, and I wanted to check if other people felt the same as me, or if other people feel SI are right.

A player comes to me saying he is struggling to settle

I offer to bring in somebody to help him settle

He says - if you can buy 'Player X' that would be great.

End of Convo

I go to his information and it says

Manager promises - Pleased a being promised that an attempt would be made to sign player X as soon as spossible.

HOLD UP - I promised nothing! I didn't even answer his question. I agree i did offer to sign someone, but I made no promise whatsoever. I would have happily signed the person he wanted if he was free, but given I am in the SPL with no transfer budget and a tiny wage budget, and 'Player X' is a Goalkeeper worth £3 million and earning more than any of my players, its not going to happen.

Now it seems like im breaking my promise when I said nothing.

I know its not very important but Please change the wording SI.

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