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  1. Whoah, you just bettered FM15 by 10% for me. Is this a known issue? Will have a look tomorrow in the bug forums, as there is a whole list I'm going to post, if not, I will raise this one too.
  2. I was just confused that you couldn't drag players to the shirts because no shirts are displayed for the bench positions. If you left-click on a position or left-click of a player without position in the line-up, you can choose a player, however, this is not possible for the bench slots. Will raise that in the bugs forum. Dragging them to the bench slots on the left is possible
  3. Short feedback about the revamp of the tactics screen off the top of my head: - you don't see role/duty/avg rating on the pitch anymore - custom view is buggy and won't add columns (FM Classic Mode) - there's no way you can put players directly on the bench (WTH?) - saved tactics are not displayed in the dropdown menu (FM Classic Mode9
  4. Same problem here. I use a back four, my GK has the instruction to pass to a specific player (the left DC, who is on cover duty, thus the deepest player in my formation). The problem seems to be that my players don't stay deep when I have a goalkick although I use "drop deeper".
  5. OLT, does this only work with regens that are newly generated? If I remember correctly, in FM13 it did work on every regen as soon as one installed the pack. But I checked on a few regens in my save and they don't wear a shirt? (I downloaded the correct pack and cleared the cache). Nevermind, now it works. I have no idea why it didn't work before but anyway: Great work, as always
  6. Guess who is not going to take a single penalty ever again!
  7. Wow, I am impressed. And you sir, are a geek Thanks, that will come in handy when buying my next players! Just to get some hidden attributes right: Temperamental: The lower the attribute, the more temperamental a player is? So you would want players with high temperamental attribute? Pressure: A high pressure attribute means, they handle pressure well, right? I think I heard someone saying that a very high pressure attribute can result in a player becoming too careless on the pitch because he doesn't feel any pressure. Is there any truth to this?
  8. Maybe one team has sued themselves into the competition in a FC Sionesque way
  9. Just because you English can't pronounce them properly....
  10. Oh I missed the quote-box. So I'm gonna ask Badass_ @ Brian: Do you have a screenshot of the blonde afro?
  11. And I was going to ask which hair pack Brian uses
  12. "Koch" is the german word for cook. If he can't make it in the first team, you could hire him as a catering staff.
  13. Anyone ever seen that? By the way, Sevilla won 7-0 and Derdiyok scored 5 goals.
  14. Your players better don't tackle him, if they don't want to be sued...
  15. @ morsy: good achievement with Hürth there! Did you start in the Verbandsliga with them?
  16. I think, I have seen this regen name before, but still...
  17. I know, nothing special, just another name that was bound to appear at some stage, but still.. here it is. I wonder whether he will move to the Potters though.
  18. I would say Pot like in 'potential' and ato like in 'Pato'.
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