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  1. I dont have problems with this? occassionally a second or two, but little more. I would like the game to be free, with adverts
  2. Id like it to be the case that you can actually get a parent club - most recent patch has seemingly ruined this for me
  3. I did put in brackets that I was a fool deliberately of course ........
  4. Can't you already do these two? Im pretty sure you can take a job offer starrting from the end of the season, if you are in the second half of the season. I haven't tried it on this FM but on old ones if you cliked on the v the fixture list ,i.e. Lille v PSG , then you could watch the match. Sorry if this isnt the case any more Edit I just tried and you can attend fixtures as long as your team aren't playing at the same time. I have no intention of doing it though, so I dont know if the game generates any news items about you being at the match if you have players playing in it on your shortlist
  5. When you accept or reject bids for a player, you get to give a reason why. I'd like to see similar options when declining job offers
  6. You already can choose the transfer date. If (in England) you buy them in August you can set the transfer date till the end of the season. Can't you?
  7. Lots of people mentioning job interviews in various ideas forums. Its a great idea but would have to be implemented in a way where there wasn't 1 set of right answers, presumably by the board/chairmen having differing hidden attributes that meant they were looking for different things in a manager, such as instant success, preference to blood youngsters etc
  8. aelscorpion - your point 2 - you already can more or less do this. IF the player isnt a key player and their contract is running out then they are often transfer listed for a low value. IF they are a key player then sometimes teams prefer to have the player for 6 months rather than a cut down fee, its not unrealistic that you cant buy them on the cheap point 3 - see above discussion on the sims. some users details some methods of playing both games simultaneously that may suit your needs
  9. There was an edition a few years ago where the board suggested players to you, and the board already does sell players without your consent. There is also already the option to ask the board to sign a player who you think will be important, I dont see this as being dissimilar to the manager going to the Director of Football (someone like Comoli), not least because if this option is accepted by the board the go beyond the finances available to you. If the board sell a player without asking you then press conferences ask if you feel undermined, so a bit like whether you should go to a different club where you have full control. I do agree with you however, that if you do join a club with a sporting director with certain mental attributes, or if perhaps there is a takeover at your club and they install a director of football, that it would be cool if you then find players you didnt sign being bought by the club (but this would have to be a rare occuruence, depending on the nations traditional setup, but for example I would only want it implemented by foreign takeovers in England, and then only at 1 or maybe 2 clubs per long term save
  10. Well of course i do it on ultra responsive, so i can click to play once one day has gone. If i get it wrong then of course i have to quit and do it again. I do the money cheat on the sims to match up with my salary in the game (minus my salary on the sims obviously!), and then I can spend my wages from football manager. Maybe everybody who thinks what football manager needs is a way to spend money should follow my idea, as i dont think their idea is very popular around here
  11. Like buy a club! Then you could be the boss, and you could buy and sell the players, and you could name it nik_m FC, and you could get a wife, or even two wifes, who cares, you're the boss! They should make it more like the best game in the world the sims! I sometimes play the sims and football manager together the same time, When my guy in the sims, which is me of course, goes to work I change window to football manager, because that is my job of course, and then I play one game day. Then the next time my guy goes to work again i play another game day. This keeps it very realistic
  12. But everybody would love to get married in a game! until they make the sims include the option to become a football manager im just gonna have to keep hoping that football manager includes it. juntwenteh your ideas were great i think
  13. JUNWENTEH's idea - 5.) Only allow dramatic tactical changes - fine detailed player instructions to be issued before kickoff and half time ; only touchline shout allowed during match. You can give too much details of what is in your mind when the game is on; how often do you see manager in real world "telecomunicate" with players and you see a suddenly dramatic change in tactics when game is on? What is told and said before game, is said, the next time to talk lies on the half time break! THIS - even if only optional. It would be quite cool to just be reduced to simple changes and shouts during the game, its not like managers can tweak hundreds of fine details immediately while play stops for a throw in. Also galaturk - in england (or is it scotland?) at least the u18s often play on the same day as the main squad, in the game at least. I think we should get graphics like fifa, and the ability to buy cars and houses, and maybe even become chairman! and the option to marry
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