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  1. This has been shocking from England this half but I don't really believe it gives any indication at all of how things will go against france. My prediction is they will draw with france and sweden then hammer ukraine
  2. No i intended to 'end' something, end people calling everybody english. anyhow, back to the game isn't it great? Glad to see the Ox given a run-out
  3. Better watch out for the forum admins using word like 'idiot'! Expect a patronising email coming your way soon Man City are not my national champions, I am here to discuss the england national team, doesn't mean I am English, though I didn't intend to 'make something'
  4. Dont say 'their', dont have to be english to be on this thread
  5. MGP said he has no intention of leaving Parker being baked a massive captain custard pie
  6. you counting mortern gamst pedersen?
  7. Yup, i have since noticed that you are indeed correct, double fail!
  8. I fell for this hook line and sinker, announced to to everyone im watching the game with
  9. Its a nonsense idea, and thankfully SI have ruled it out
  10. Will SI ever fix the awards?

    See OP 'Everyone who bought the game has the right to play it how they wish..............' and so on, but then not to complain when that interferes with the game's proper functioning
  11. Will SI ever fix the awards?

    Im pretty sure when people use either pre-game or in-game editors, or some other form of unfair play, that will confuse the game to the extent where results dont match reputation, which may muck up the awards
  12. Its my number 6 priority
  13. The manager merry-go-round is ridiculous

    Also although at present there is the news item saying - the favorite is X, but Y and Z are also in contention For big clubs there should be swings in the favorites, with people being shoe-ins, then ruling themselves out, etc, in the news items. It could use division subscriptions to prevent people becoming sick of it, though im not sure what to d