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[FM12] [RELEASED] Champions League Skin LEFT SIDED (Version 1.1)

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After 2 weeks of requests for a "left sided version" of the Champions League Skin.....here it is!






- Bigger kits in match screen, for those running the game in high(er) resolutions

- Fixed inbox filter panel

- Fixed quick search panel, now you can actually see what you type ;-)

- 99% of all buttons are now skinned

- Manager overview page now displays everything properly

- Agent panels now showing properly


- Bigger player pictures in "player profile" and "player attributes" screens.

- "Analyser polygon" now visible in the "player attributes" screen, with club logo/badge in both player screens in background.

- Colors of "HG" changed so the two different forms of "HG" now are shown in a different color.

- Fixed bug in scoreboard view when not in "full TV view" fixed (ONLY IN "LEFT SIDED" version).

The bigger player pictures are now showing at 220x220 pixels.

If you prefer to have the pictures shown at the "default" size of 180x180, which is still much bigger than without modifying them do the following:

delete the files "player personal details panel.xml" and "player profile personal details panel.xml" which are located in the "panels" folder of the skin.

Rename the "player personal details panel.xml.180x180" and "player profile personal details panel.xml.180x180" to ......xml" (delete the part ".180x180" from the filename.

After these changes reload the skin and you will have 180x180 size player pictures instead of 220x220.

In addition several other minor bug fixes and graphical fixes/updates are included.

The skin is optimized to run in high(er) resolutions, not tested in low(er) resolutions.

The “Champions League skin” for FM 2012 is my conversion of the great Steklo X1 skin for FM 2011 made by Tom Dixon.

As 95% of this skin is the result of his great work I have obtained his permission to post this skin.

I added custom graphics as well as the “FMF's Extended Information Panels” and the “numbered tactics sliders” posted on various websites and want to recognize the creators of these great additions as well.

Tom Dixon has not been involved in the conversion so PLEASE do not bother him with any issues or questions you might have on this skin.

He is currently developing the Steklo X2 skin for FM 2012, which is due (I believe) in December 2011.

Please READ the "read me" included in the skin for any questions you might have regarding the installation, adding/removing stuff etc.

Thanks, hope you enjoy using this skin as much as I had converting and using it!

DOWNLOAD LINKS FOR 1.2 (12-12-2011) :





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