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  1. Just played Spurs away (Am still at Bristol City), got a brilliant 2-0 win. Noticed during the second half I was getting advice from Spurs' assistant... Then end of the game... I'm in charge of Spurs' dressing room? Is this a known bug?
  2. Just spotted this ; Made Max O'Leary available for the U23's (He's my 3rd choice GK), the U23's manager only went and played him outfield...
  3. Things you like to see. Glad hes done well for you and developing, didn't give the lad anywhere near enough chances in my first season 😔
  4. Back at work a bit more lately so progress is a bit slow - However just coming to the end of the transfer window back in the premier league - I feel confident enough we can stay up this time. I've decided to actually spend some bank this time (Last season we spent 15 million on new signings, receiving 55million on outgoing players.) Most noticeable signed; Signings Overview State of current squad. Tactic shown is used when underdogs, so most of the time. Can't complain with how we've started the season - our
  5. ...Runs down the wing for me. <3 Absolute gold. Watch till the end.
  6. Thats a mighty list 😁 Nahki did a job for me in the first season, surprised you were so eager to offload. But once promoted I did find it more difficult, cross with the fact he didnt want to leave.
  7. So we managed to get back to the Premier League at the first time of asking, but made a rather difficult job about it. We were sat top around the start of March, but it'd been tight all season between the top 4. Managed it in the Play Offs in the end, chuffed with how the team performed to comeback after conceding so early. We actually ended up finishing with 5 more points than we did in our auto-promotion winning season in the first year. It even felt like we performed better and more comfortably throughout the year. Players of the season? City OG (Well pretty much
  8. Have come to the conclusion I am almost definitely going to be losing at least 2 players in January due to active relegation release clauses Daam Foulon is one, the wing back is attracting strong interest from at least 4 top flight sides. Not the least bit interested in signing a new deal. I can deal with losing him - I have capable replacements, and he hasn't done anything spectacular since joining from Benevento on a 3.8million fee. His release clause stands in at 15.5million. The other is Markus Forss. Bounced back will from the broken foot, and has actually been mainly played as
  9. Think those files are only relevant if downloaded via epic games, going by that link anyway. Sorted it anyway, think I just needed to wait for the next international break. 2022 world cup has just kicked off, strange scheduling coming up. We have 2 players selected, Daam Foulon for Belgium and Pontus Dahlberg representing Sweden.
  10. Haha glad to see you made it up! He's been solid so far, nothing spectacular. We do look comfortable at the back though, which is what we've struggled with even in my season at times. Life back in the championship is going well, still need to find more consistency away from home but we're getting there. Personally think it's a very strong looking league. I could really push on in the winter window with the monstrous budget I have, but still quite hesitant. Will see how our form is between now and January. Also have the slight concern a few of my better players are being tipped to
  11. So I was relegated in the end with my first season in the premier league with Bristol City. Sent down on the final day, always was going to be close with the run in we had to the end of the season. Didn't help matters I lost more-or-less my only capable striker (Marcus Forss) broke his foot and missed the majority off the second part of the season. I thought to myself earlier in the season it wouldn't be the worst thing ever if we went down. The club is setup beautifully for the future, paying well below par on the page bill and having a fairly youthful, inexpensive squad in general.
  12. FT, 8-0. No words. AND we got played off the park. .
  13. Evening folks. Haven't posted on here for some time, browsed but not posted. Just wanted to share the below. So I started with Bristol City in the Championship. Promoted via 2nd in the first season. The premier league has been a sruggle so far, we find ourselves in 18th entering January. We face QPR next, a team promoted via the playoffs last season, and sit bottom of the league, ever since day one I believe! However, they have won 2 of their last 3 league games and beating us would lift them off the bottom and out of the relegation zone. Us, on the other hand.. We started wi
  14. I presumed that wouldn't be updated to the latest version, therefore almost pointless - or am I wrong? I also think I should be able to go by feedback alone if it's coming from multiple sources - first time in many years I haven't gotten the game on release - to me it was gearing up to be a disaster.
  15. Thought I was on a FIFA forum for a moment then. I guess the wait continues for me then - Cheers for the feedback everyone, saves me a few quid
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