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  1. And just to confirm, this is linked to the error message of the original thread I posted in. Why was I not able to create a new save? Or write over an existing save? It was not solely about the file disappearing, it was the fact I was not able to save the game at all.
  2. Yep, I’ve checked there - my location is different though as I keep all my FM stuff within but my SSD. I’ve tried using multiple recovery programs to see what deleted files could be found, my save game was not among them. Strange thing is, I tried overwriting previous saves in an effort to get the game to save, and that would cause them to disappear from my games folder once I was promted by the error. anyway, never mind. Damage is done, disappointed hugely and not sure when I’ll get back to playing FM after losing all that time.
  3. I've come across this. Feb 2022, my save has bizarrely disappeared from the games folder within the save location - however surely I should be able to overwrite a previous save or save to the cloud? IF this save is well and truly destroyed, that'll be it for me and FM. Not having all that time wasted. I can still continue the save as it stands as I've changed the auto-save settings. Everything is pointing to the correct locations etc, this has just appeared out of the blue. I've also checked the recycle bin, tried restoring saves etc, no luck. Any ideas? Anti-virus disabled etc.
  4. I presumed that wouldn't be updated to the latest version, therefore almost pointless - or am I wrong? I also think I should be able to go by feedback alone if it's coming from multiple sources - first time in many years I haven't gotten the game on release - to me it was gearing up to be a disaster.
  5. Thought I was on a FIFA forum for a moment then. I guess the wait continues for me then - Cheers for the feedback everyone, saves me a few quid
  6. That's realism for you. Stop going on Holiday so much, problem solved.
  7. I did exactly this in the end. Not till I got wins, but till I matched the results I had before.. which took a while. Worth mentioning, I cancelled this transfer upon reloading. If you don't register a player, they get released by mutual termination of their contract. Worth looking up the transfer rules if you're unaware Yeah I reloaded and matched the results I got before, luckily using a skin with IR so helped make things a bit quicker.. Only time I've ever used it Cheers for the heads up too, appreciate it _________________________________________________ I posted this in the league specific bugs forum. Been asked to upload and earlier save, but I waited long enough and can't be bothered now. It's definitely a bug, but really did get peeved about it. Something so simple, yet save destroying, really shouldn't be in the game at this point.
  8. So I'm managing the Central Coast Mariners in the Australian A-League. Before the season started, I agreed to sign a player who's contract expired 1st December, so he would join on said date. I didn't actually think I'd be able to register him until the next window, however it did give me the option. It wouldn't fit in with the registration rules though, so I tried clicking 'Auto Select' to see if I could get him in somehow. The result? See the uploaded image. Almost my entire team were then greyed out where it used to say 'in', and now instead states they're ineligible for selection without me even confirming any changes. So advance, and all these ineligible players get released by mutual consent (A-League rules). Please tell me there is a way round this? Clicking Auto Select, then not even confirming the changes can't seriously mess things up this badly can they? Am I being stupid? My previous save point is 3 games ago, and I've just gotten three solid results against some good A-League sides, so really don't want to have to go through this again. Help would be appreciated. Ta.
  9. My guess would be something along the lines of "Unlucky, you gave it your best effort." Usually the reaction you get after a result like that anyway.
  10. I know I said I probably wouldn't be signing anyone else in this transfer window, but I just signed this gem from Boca for £6.75million. I now need to decide whether I just rotate the three strikers I have, or move Rhodes or Larsson on.. Or change our style of play and go with two up top. Decisions decisions decisions! Also in talks to sign a young full back from Boca too.
  11. I don't really plan on making any more significant signings so I'll post a small pre-season update now. _________________________________________________________________________________________ I didn't want to make any dramatic changes to the first team. My target was to put a squad together with more depth, to help deal with the fixture congestion we will no doubt encounter this season - providing we progress from the Europa League play-off stage! Most notable signings: Very pleased with the signing of Shawcross. A proven, top flight English defender who will bring quality and experience to our team. Arellano is a young, hungry full back (Natural wing back too). He will challenge Tyrone Mings right from the off for a first team spot. David Raya performed consistently well in the Championship for Blackburn, and will make his first fore into top flight football. A goalkeeper was our priority signing for this window, and pleased we've got someone of his quality without having to pay a transfer fee (Out of contract). Similar style to Loris from Spurs, a 'Sweeper Keeper'. Full transfer outlook: Still plenty of funds left if any emergency signings are needed. Had a slight revamp with the backroom staff too. Now have some top coaches at the club, and confident in seeing improvements in the development side of things. Pick of the coaches?
  12. Well, what a season. Bookies favourite to go down, and we've surprised everyone. Over-acheivement? Personally, I don't think so. We performed consistently throughout most of the season, and if it wasn't for a small blip throughout April and March, we'd probably have qualified for the Champions League. More than happy with a 7th place finish though, a very profitable season for the club as a whole in every single aspect. If it wasn't for a late winner from Bournemouth in their match on the final day, we would be in the Europa League next season. There is still however a chance of qualification into the Third Knockout Round, providing Man City do the cup double. My player of the season is Felix Klaus. Signed at the beginning of the season, and has been crucial with his runs down the wing, and his ability to cut inside and score goals. Result of the season? You might be able to remember me posting this one - Don't think I will ever match it... Crazy stuff. Out of our 19 Home league matches this season, our stadium was a sell out for 18 of them. With our recent expansion, the stadiums capacity sits at 27,000.. I think we might need a few more seats. UPDATE: Man City won the FA Cup and Capital One Cup, which means....... Chuffed would be an understatement. Bring it on!
  13. Relegation avoided, target achieved. Anything else is just a bonus now, currently sat in 7th with 5 games remaining.
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